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  • +1 to cherishing my December '17 group!  We are on FB and someone just posted yesterday how thankful and amazed she was that we have been a part of one another's daily lives for 4+ years now.  <3
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  • Anyone else get bad luck birthdays? I'm sure this is just coincidence, but I and people I am close to seem to get crapped on more than usual a week or so on either side of my birthday. I spent my 22nd birthday getting chewed out by my grad school advisor for a bad presentation first draft, for my 24th birthday my dog died, in 2018 my MIL got diagnosed with cancer the first time, and last year was COVID of course. This time our home power got knocked out by a squirrel, we've had multiple unrelated internet outages, my whole organization lost email for 8 hours, and my husband got his first bar complaint. I'm just hoping that's it at this point and nothing really catastrophically bad happens. 😑
  • @noprobalo Yes I have unlucky birthdays! By the time I was like... 7 I started requesting no birthday parties because it was always a shit show. I even had 2 totally normal regular friends get in a knock-down drag-out fist fight at one of my birthday parties (when I was turning... maybe 12? middle school). It was so shocking to everyone, including them, and we just decided it was my birthday curse. Luckily (?) most of them now that I'm an adult are either just being sick so feeling bad on my birthday, or having some financial/pet emergency (like dog getting sick, costing $1000 at the vet, and having to cancel travel plans to care for recovering doggo). I didn't realize it was a thing! I'm sorry you have them too. I hope your DH fairs his complaint well :) 
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  • @Kabazaba Wow, that is a long-standing curse. My cat has a procedure later this month. Hopefully I booked it far enough out that it won't get caught in the birthday vortex, lol.
  • That’s so sad to have cursed birthdays! I have cursed holidays with my parents, especially Christmas. They always let me down or make me feel unhappy. I try to avoid them as much as possible now that I’m an adult. I was happy with the covid holidays last year and not having to see any of them, lol

    @momofmiracles31889 I am sorry you are leaving. I wish you well! 
  • @steph-ann That's sad. I'm sorry. It must have been hard as a kid to be constantly sad or disappointed on holidays.
  • @steph-ann I feel like that’s happened to me a lot as an adult. There’s always something on Thanksgiving or Christmas that happens that one of my parents does that’s really upsetting.
  • k_rn21k_rn21 member
    This go around it was super hard to find the community link and be able to find the boards on the bump as opposed to 2016 when I used it with my daughter but I was super excited once in found it. 
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