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Morning sickness

How’s everyone feeling?  How are you managing nausea?

Re: Morning sickness

  • Nothing yet, but I am already preparing for the worst! I get HG from 6-14 weeks like clockwork. I can't eat, can't drink and just basically feel like death for 8 weeks straight. I don't vom, but I always lose weight in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. It's gets so bad that it even induces depression. Having been through it 3 times before I'm able to finally recognize how bad it gets feeling hungover 24/7. I already have an Rx for Diclegis, prenatals that don't have taste/aftertaste, and I'm going to get some snack foods in the house that I think I will be able to tolerate. I'm "training" DH to force me to eat and drink and even have some ideas how to help my psyche during that time. I've tried Seabands, magnesium spray, ginger chews with previous pregnancies and none of it helped... any other magical cures? I know I'd be considered lucky by those of us who are sick for much longer or even the entire 40 weeks, which boggles my mind! Praying for us all!
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