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Running During Pregnancy

For those of you who ran during pregnancy, how long were you able to continue running until it either became too uncomfortable or was not recommended by your doctor? When did you need to adjust your running routine to either decrease pace or mileage?

I'm only 6 wks along, but am hoping to continue running as long as possible.


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Re: Running During Pregnancy

  • I am still pain free while running at almost 19 weeks. I am hoping to make it to at least 30 weeks.

    My pace has decreased naturally (your body will tell you what to do, trust it!) and my mileage has been decreased mainly due to cold weather/winter, so not sure what my mileage would be like right now if it was summer. 

    As long as you listen to your body you will be fine.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!


  • I ran up until 26 weeks, but had to stop (dr's orders) because I am already starting to have contractions. So enjoy it while it lasts.!!! Hopefully you can be like some women and run the day they give birth! GL
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  • I was able to run daily until the day I gave birth. I had a very uncomplicated pregnancy although I was 38 and never had to stop. I was able to run a full marathon at 25 weeks pregnant with no issues. Good luck!
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  • i had to stop once i started to show, which was about 4 or 5 months.  I felt the pounding was just too much for my belly and I didn't want to take any chances.  I tend to be very heavy on my feet though..... if i was more delicate, maybe I could have run longer into the pregnancy. 
  • I stopped at 31 weeks bc I was in pain and switched to the ellipitical for lower impact. See my siggy for stats... If you feel good, keep going!! As you get bigger, having a support belt can help with the bouncing feeling. GL!
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  • I stopped at 32 weeks because of contractions and side stitches. My pace slowed a bit naturally over time and I ran a half at 17 weeks with no problems. Everything felt great until a couple of weeks ago. Good luck!
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  • I'm still running.  I usually do 6 miles and have to pee appx. every 2!  Kind of a pain but it also breaks it up.  Most days I feel great, some days I feel very sluggish.  Overall my pace has slowed down a lot.  I don't have the bouncing belly yet, if I did that would probably make it less comfortable.  Hopefully that doesn't come for a while!

     I read that most women find it comfortable up to about 24 weeks, so that was my goal.  I want to keep going until delivery if I can, but I'll take it day by day.

  • I'm still running almost daily.. some weeks I am definitely slower than others... but I still feel great and feel even better this pregnancy because I didn't back down on my work-out routine... With my first I adjusted and took it "too easy" and felt like crap the whole time... this time I feel great so keep it up as long as your feeling up to it!!
  • I've been keeping up with my running ... but definitely at a slower pace. I ran a half in February but since then I was probably running 3 miles two times a week with a 5-6 miler on the weekend... sometimes I ran more but my job is crazy so I try to just make sure I hit 3 times a week.

    Once I was pregnant, I felt like I just naturally slowed down. I'm an accountant so I wanted to make a science out of it but somedays I felt great and some days not so much. I did feel pretty good running through first tri though. In fact, I think it helped my energy level and I never really felt sick when I ran. I have stopped the long weekend runs. Mostly because my work schedule has screwed up my consistancy so I just don't want to push it. Right now, I'm just trying to run atleast 3 times a week for 30 minutes and I walk when I feel the need (which is more often then before). Just in the last two weeks have I noticed that I need to pee in the middle ... which is kind of annoying. And also, just last week, I am starting to notice some jiggling from my belly which feels kind of funny since I always had a toned stomach but its not painful.

    My goal is to make it to third tri and then re-evaluate. But so far so good.

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  • I ran until I was 41 weeks/2 days pregnant, the day before I went to the hospital for my induction.  During my pregnancy, I ran one full marathon and 2 5Ks.  I was slower, but running was never uncomfortable for me and my doctor was okay with me running.  
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  • My last run was at 39 weeks 3 days. I delivered at 40 weeks 2 days. I felt good up until the end, my pace just slowed considerably. I also did more cross training at the end (elliptical, workout tapes etc) to mix it up because running more than a couple times a week was too hard on my body at that point. I had a very easy delivery and quick (4 hour) labor as a first time mom. I am now 7 weeks PP and my body has bounced back quite well and I only have about 3 lbs left to lose (and I haven't put much effort into watching my food intake because of the holidays!) Good luck to you!

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  • I ran until I was 31 weeks pregnant. I did a variety of running races and triathlons throughout my pregnancy.  It was around 28 weeks where running started to get tough and 31 weeks was when my body couldn't handle it any longer.

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    • 18 Weeks - Military 5K
    • 19 Weeks - Power Sprint Tri
    • 21 Weeks - Housing Partnership 5K
    • 23 Weeks - Icelandic Seafood 8K
    • 24 Weeks - I Love the Tavern Tri
    • 31 Weeks - Vineyard 5K


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  • I made it to 27 weeks when my belly just felt too awkward for running.  I got in a bit of an inactivity rut earlier on due to crappy winter weather, and it was too hard to get out of.
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  • Still running 1 to 2 miles 3x a week.  I'm not sure how long I'm going to "make it" for...I'll just listen to my body, as per dr's suggestion.
  • I ran with twins until a week before my delivery.  (It starts in February on my blog below if you're super bored.)

    My doctor was always supportive of it, and I felt fantastic throughout.  I did have to get a support belt around 24 weeks since I was getting bh contractions quite a bit.  I'd recommend reading Exercising Through Your Pregnancy for all kinds of fantastic information about running before/during/after pregnancy.

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  • running is my release, but since my BFP I haven't it was very difficult for us to get preg so Im just waiting till the 2nd trimester to get back on the treadmill, & boy I can't WAIT!!! :)
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