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  • @babygirl1812, I am now fully vaccinated but had some reservations at first. I'd recommend talking to your doctors and doing a bit of research for yourself. Also consider the area in which you live. 

    In the end, I got it because I'm higher risk in two categories: pregnancy and obesity. There is also evidence now that antibodies are being passed to babies in the womb, and I want to give this baby her best shot (pun intended). I hadn't seen my older parents in months as well, and the vaccine affords us some protection to gather again. 
  • @grogu glad your dryer is fixed! 
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  • @grogu, take joy in your washer/dryer! I can too well remember the days of hauling my newborn, toddler, and load of laundry down the stairs to the laundromat. I would have thrown a party if I had a working washer and dryer. 
  • @coastalmomma3 , I Spoke to my doctor at the last appointment she said it was totally upto me I was doing some research and CDC suggested that it's fairly safe also a friend of mine who is in her 3rd trimester took it which is what gave me some relief to look into it also I am high risk too pregnancy and auto immune disorder , so I would really like to take the vaccine but I was just not sure as there is not much data but I am thinking of taking a leap bra use I have been super anxious to step out and I live in Michigan so the cases here are really bad.
  • @coastalmomma3 thank you for the input also  if you don't mind me asking did you have any side effects apart from the arm soreness , and was the 2nd dose had more side effects than the 1st.
  • @babygirl1812 I am now fully vaccinated. I was so excited to get my shots. I’m high risk for more than pregnancy. My MFM highly recommended I get it - he’s at my states best research hospital and was very familiar with it and pregnant women.  

    I was most comfortable with and was able to get the Pfizer shot. They seem to be the most advanced in their testing timelines. 

    As for side effects- after the first I had the sore arm and was a little more tired. After the second I was tired and had a minor headache for about 24 hours. I was also dehydrated so that probably played a big part of the headache. My H had minor aches and chills after the first shot and after the second he had no symptoms. 
  • @mrspants0809 Thank you this puts my mind at ease . Is it safe to get in the 2nd trimester?
  • Just coming here to say that my husband is the loudest human alive when he gets up for work at 4:45am. Poor guy tried so hard to be quiet but he is sooooo loud.  
  • @grogu that’s amazing, so glad it’s fixed!

    @babygirl1812 I got the Moderna shot in my first trimester and I’m so happy I did. My doctor told me it was up to me but that personally if it were her she would get it, so I went for it. First shot I just had a sore arm, second shot I definitely felt sick for about 24 hours, including a low fever I had to treat with Tylenol. Like someone else mentioned, new research is suggesting pregnant women who get the vaccine are passing on antibodies to their babies- no idea if that will hold true for someone vaccinated as early in their pregnancy as I was, but I’m very excited about the possibility. Everything looks great with baby so far (knock on wood!) and I’m thrilled to be able to have many of the pregnancy experiences I thought I’d probably miss out on due to the pandemic (like a shower, babymoon trip etc.), so that’s why I’d say my experience has definitely been a positive one. Good luck making your decision!
  • Hello @the_most_happy thank you for that I am going to schedule it fingers crossed
  • @babygirl1812 my OB/MFM highly recommended that I get it as soon as I was able to and didn’t seem to think getting it in earlier trimesters would impact the results. 
  • @babygirl1812
    Many of us have gotten it to no ill effects, I would definitely recommend it and it's thought it gives your baby immunity for the first 6 months as well! Moderna seems to be slightly more effective so I'd go with that if you possible can. I am fully vaccinated and it's been great.
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  • @babygirl1812 I got the Moderna vaccine. After the first shot I had a sore arm and fatigue. I had similar symptoms after the second shot. I've heard from people who've had more severe symptoms after the second, but all have said they'd prefer those side effects to getting COVID. 
  • @loloyoyo26 yay for summer vacation! I’m sure every teacher and student is counting down the days after a hellish and unconventional year. 
  • @surrenderdorothy
    As a student (and DW is a professor), yes, yes we are
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  • @babygirl1812 - Just wanted to add that I am now fully vaccinated (first dose at 20 weeks, second at 24 weeks) and my only symptom with both doses (of Pfizer) was a sore arm. My midwife did recommend having Tylenol on hand after the second dose since some people have spiked a fever afterward. My husband got a fever but he also worked until 2 am the night before getting the second dose so was feeling exhausted and run down anyway. I got a good nights rest before and chugged water all day (before and after getting the shot) and never even got a slight fever just the sore arm. 
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    I will offer a differing opinion on the vaccine. 
    I personally will not be getting the vaccine at all. Not for a virus that has a 99% survival rate. I would especially not be comfortable getting it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. The vaccine is still in the trail stages. It is approved for emergency use only. There is absolutely no way to know long term effects. And these vaccine companies are 100% not liable in the event that there are any long term effects. Goodluck with your decision 💕
  • Hi Ladies thanks for all the input.
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