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Randoms- 4/19

What's going on this week? :)

Re: Randoms- 4/19

  • Sorry ladies! A day late with this one. I hope everyone is having a great start to your week!
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  • grogugrogu member
    @surrenderdorothy I've noticed sitting at my desk is getting less and less ergonomic. I can't sit as close and when I move my keyboard/monitor it bugs me. 
    I can't wait to go off on Maternity leave soon. 
  • I’ve been daydreaming about maternity leave too. 

    Speaking of dreaming, I had my first dream about baby last night! 
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  • @surrenderdorothy
    I've ruined three shirts with grease stains that oxiclean couldn't get out. I feel better knowing I'm not alone. lol.

    And omg @grogu same on the lack of ergonomics! I hate it too. I get a repetitive stress injury (like carpal tunnel) when I'm not ergonomic. 

    We're having our old leaking oil tank replaced and the whole house smells like oil and it's giving me a headache.  :'( Thankfully should only be a few days of work but I can't wait for it to be over.
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  • @surrenderdorothy @grogu @claireloSC not having issues with my desk yet but I recently noticed that I tend to push my stomach up against the counter ledge when I'm cooking or doing dishes, and that's getting uncomfortable! Was never even aware I did that until now, so weird.

    @emmylou78 I'm a very frequent/vivid dreamer and I've had so many random dreams about baby lately... most of them are stressful, unfortunately lol. I hope yours was pleasant!
  • @Kenneylynn3 @surrenderdorothy - Getting a new car is so much fun! My car is crap but we probably won't replace it for another year or so.

    We had to take my dog to the ER vet at midnight Monday night. She's had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis twice in three years (even though we are SO careful with her diet, never give her people food) so we are just super paranoid any time she acting very unsettled and licking a lot as that preceded both of her last incidents. And she would not settle for longer than 20 minutes and just generally seems like she was in pain. The vet did an X-ray and an ultrasound - nothing. They gave us anti-nausea meds and pain meds for her and finally sent us home at 2 am. Were pretty sure now she was just having gas pains. But I'm still so exhausted from pretty much getting no sleep that night. It feels so much harder to catch up on sleep when you're pregnant!
  • @surrenderdorothy and @Kenneylynn3, what kind of cars did you purchase? We need to upgrade from our 2005 Ford station wagon. I actually love that car, but it won't comfortably fit a family of 5. 
  • @dancingnarwhal I'm so sorry. That sounds like quite the ordeal with your dog. I hope your pup feels better soon. 

    @coastalmomma3 we got my sil's toyota sequoia. It's huge.

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  • @Kenneylynn3 yay for new cars!! I’ve heard great things about the Sequoia.

    @dancingnarwhal ugh girl I’m so sorry about your dog. I hope she is back to 100% soon! The anxiety of the emergency vet (both pet wellbeing and the financial hit of being there in the first place) is the worst. I hope you can rest and catch up on sleep soon.

    @costalmomma3 I got an Audi Q7. I’m really liking it so far. 
  • grogugrogu member
    I got a new to me car last year and it was such an upgrade from my crappy Aveo. It'll be tight with two kids and my husband has a Mazda which is horrible for carseats. I'm not sure how we will make his car work so we will mainly use mine for family outings.

    @dancingnarwhal what a long night! I hope she is feeling better soon 💕

  • @dancingnarwhal how is pupper doing? I hope you’ve managed to catch up on some sleep! 
  • @Kenneylynn3, yay for the new car! My next car will be a Sequoia with captain's chairs. 
  • Group projects are the bane of my f*cking existence. Why is the only thing standing between me and graduation relying on 5 other people to get their sh*t together??? AHHHH. I'm too old for this. I literally have a group project in every single class, two for one of them. One of my group members didn't show up, didn't do her part, and didn't come to class. So now I'm assuming I will have to do it myself so I get a good grade. So frustrating. And I know she just bought a house and that moving will be her excuse but as someone who just went through the process and didn't miss any work, I have absolutely zero sympathy. Had to rant.
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  • @claireloSC - I teach group communication which means I have to assign a group project in that class. I hate assigning group projects almost as much as I hated them as a student! It's the worst. I try to give my students tons of in class time to work on the project to try to avoid some of the issues that commonly come up but it's seriously ridiculous that every single semester there's some students who just refuse to cooperate and do their part! 
  • Thank you for the car recommendations and resources. @grogu, MH has a Mazda 3, and my son's booster seat and my daughter's car seat are definitely a tight fit. I also hate how many blind spots it has. But, it sounds like he'll likely keep it for commuting and I'll drive the "family car." 
  • @claireloSC, that is so frustrating. I still gnash my teeth when I recall some of the group projects I had in college. 
  • @surrenderdorothy, yay car!

    I want a new car but just paid my current car off in the last year so I am not in a rush to get anything.  I will probably wait at least a year.  I want either a van or an SUV, but I’m not completely sure one way or the other what I want. My last car I went with what I liked that I could afford.  I like my car but I’d like to LOVE my next car.  I think I will just start with figuring out what my must haves are then price out them out, etc. so I have some time to obsess lol. 

    Re: group assignments- I don’t to use them for my classes but a former coworker seemed to have a great system in place that students seemed to respond well to.  She always set up individual meetings with all students during and after their group project. A part of a persons grade was based on a rubric with “grades” that the other group members gave them that was then averaged into their one grade for the whole project. (So everyone in the group didn’t always end up with the same grade)
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  • @loloyoyo26 love that idea! I feel like 'everyone gets the same grade' setup the profs know the type a person is going to get it all done and the whole group benefits from their diligence which is totally unfair. It just pisses me off that in a masters program the problematic student in 30+ years old. Aren't we old enough to pull our weight? Grow up.
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  • @claireloSC, yes, exactly that.  I mean at that age, the person is willingly there and more than likely sacrificing things to do so.  HOW IS THAT EVEN HAPPENING?!? 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Also- since I am realizing I forgot to add this earlier: I’m sorry that you are having to go through that now at the very end of school when you’re already stressed enough. 
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  • @grogu I'm weirdly invested in knowing if that makes a big difference now, please post an update today! Haha.
  • @grogu, I clicked on your "spoiler" button thinking you had shared a photo of the mass of junk you got out. But, it was only your signature. I love nasty photos like that. Does that make me weird? :D Hope this fixes your issue!
  • grogugrogu member
    Hahah I didn't even know I still had a signature.

    Here's a picture since you asked @cyanope

  • @grogu waiting for an update on how long they take to dry... That's amazing and gross at the same time lol. Good for you though to take it apart yourself and try to solve the problem!

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  • That’s awesome @grogu! Glad you were able to fix it! Thank you for the photo. I love before and after cleaning results.  It’s so gratifying. 

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  • That is satisfying af @grogu.
  • Yes, @grogu! Both to the immensely satisfying (yet equally disturbing) photo of the giant mass, AND to fixing your dryer on your own. 
  • @grogu that is impressive! 

    I had to bring my car in for an oil change and the place I bought my car doesn’t make appointments so you have to get here pretty early. I’ve been waiting over 2 hours and I’m over it. They offered to get me an Uber home until I told them I’m over an hour away and over a mountain pass. 😂😂
  • You're a rockstar @grogu! This is literally inspirational to me as a new homeowner who is going to need to DIY a lot. 
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  • I am thinking of scheduling a vaccine suggestions please yes or no
  • grogugrogu member
    Thanks friends 😊 I'm so excited. My husband thinks I'm crazy because all I've been talking about how I did three loads of laundry yesterday. 🤣 
    It's seriously changed my life!
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