On my first IVF cycle

Hello! I am doing IVF for my second baby (fingers crossed). I have been using Folistim since Thursday and starting to feel the effects of it. Does anyone else feel the changes too? I don't like how it makes me feel - like I am shorter with my husband and daughter then I feel like I should be. Any advice? I go back to the Dr. on Thursday for an ultrasound and hopefully do an egg-straction (i know bad joke) next week. 

Re: On my first IVF cycle

  • I don't remember feeling any effects from it (other than bruising on my stomach after a full week of it!) but my advice would be to explain how you're feeling with your husband, and maybe ask him to step in more to help with your daughter so you aren't so short as often with her? It may also be a bit of anxiety in general over the process? It's stressful, and sometimes the stress can mess with you. Just an idea. Good luck with your retrieval! 
  • I had awful affects from Follistim almost like I was allergic and had rashes.
    3 Adopted kids: <3 20 year old girl, <3 12 year old boy, <3 11 year old boy.....4th GIRL DUE Jan 5th, 2022!!!!!!

    Fertility Journey starts in 2019 at one clinic to have our own. Using donor sperm, his isnt well after multiple testing- genetics. 
    We tried 3 IUI in 2019, then switched in April 2020. 

    April 19th, 2021 1st FET cycle 1st HCG April 30-176.9  2nd HCG May 3- 591 7 week ultrasound May 20th went well HB 140 baby measured 7 weeks 1 day sac measured 7 weeks 2 days June 1st 9 week ultrasound June 11th 1st apt with new OBGYN- no ultrasound just a physical, labs, protein urine collection. June 14th blood work with fertility- no changes to medications continue to decrease, June 21st last blood work with fertility graduated now on to OBGYN only. June 25th 12 week NT saw the nose, arms, and legs everything normal!!! July 23rd check in with OBGYN-  heartbeat is 150! August 18th 20 week ultrasound went GREAT! Aug 19th check in with the OBGYN. Sept 15th 24 week echocardiogram normal! Sept 17th OBGYN apt heard the heartbeat! Oct 15th baby is 3.5 pounds Oct 19th OBGYN apt 28 weeks Oct 28th paperwork apt with new provider 

    .....Next: Nov 2nd first apt new clinic Nov 4th OBGYN apt Nov 8th OBGYN apt Nov 10th OBGYN apt, Nov 12th Maternal Fetal 32 week ultrasound, Nov 15 OBGYN apt Nov 17th OBGYN apt 
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  • Though IVF is considered as most successful ART. But sometimes there are a few points that we forget to consider before going for the IVF cycle. So, while you are planning for your first IVF cycle then it’s important to learn about IVF.  If you’re undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), you know how anxiety and worry can dominate your thoughts. For worries about IVF success, your preparations, and future children, talk to your specialist. They understand your unique health profile and can share your success rate with others who have a similar background.
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