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Private Group/FB Migration

Hi Everyone,

This was discussed briefly in another thread a few weeks ago. Now that most of us celebrated the 20 week milestone, I thought it would be nice to start discussing some type of platform migration in one centralized thread. My hope is that some kind of closed group will boost engagement, discussion, and support, as we move into our late second and third trimesters and prepare for the arrivals of our August 2021 babies!

Please put your thoughts on the issue here! 

Re: Private Group/FB Migration

  • I think people feel more free to be a little more personal in a private group, especially once we get to birth stories and new baby photos/info.
    My June17 group migrated to Facebook and we still have over 50 active members 4 years later.
    My Dec19 group kind of split and a few went to FB, most went to a private group here on the bump (some to both) but it was never as active or as many members as the first group was, even as a public forum.
    I personally prefer Facebook, I find the Bump has a lot of technical issues and I definitely don't check it as often, but I'd be happy either way.
  • I think people feel more free to be a little more personal in a private group, especially once we get to birth stories and new baby photos/info. 
    Completely agree! In my last BMB, our group really got closer after migrating to a PG. it definitely helped us all open up and feel comfortable. 
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  • My vote is fb! Probably not ready to move until we're in 3rd tri though.

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  • I’d prefer FB but that’s just because it seems easier to me but I’m good with whatever the majority would like. 

    I really struggle with the bump and their app and don’t check as often as I’d like.

    My Aug 14 group moved to fb around Memorial Day weekend and we are still 90+ strong but not everyone posts often. 
  • I’ll follow but it seems early yet to me.
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  • I won’t do FB so my vote would be for a private Bump group, but I understand if FB is what works best for the majority! I’m also content to keep posting on here for as long as possible.
  • Ultimately, I prefer Facebook. But it would be sad to lose those who don't use FB, so if anyone has other ideas? I've seen Reddit suggested before? It has the ability to create locked down private communities. Also a chat feature! That is the one thing I like about FB/Messenger, my BMB has an ongoing chat in messenger. It's great for when you're up at random hours and want to chat. 

    I agree, it feels a little early to move entirely off TB. My F'17 BMB moved to a private group on TB first and then in the third tri we moved to FB. But we definitely were posting birth announcements on TB :# and had labour buddies who posted on TB when we went into labour; so we stuck it out here for a lot longer. That being said, I totally get wanting to get a bit more privacy. Something about TB being generally less active, I do feel a bit more exposed than when there were 100s of people posting all day, every day. 
  • I vote for FB as well, only because that and IG are the only two things I use and definitely more than TB.


  • I hate facebook for a number of reasons. But I am ok with it for groups, thats the only reason I'd log in. I don't care when we move over, but we did do in third tri for my two others. 
  • I have no opinion but will follow wherever lol
  • F19 went to a private group first, then to FB I think right after our first baby was born. I definitely feel like this group is tinier than other BMBs I've been a part of or seen, so it can feel challenging to really open up in such a public venue. 

    There are 2-3 (out of 40ish) girls in F19 who created a FB account just for the group - we know their real names and have seen pictures so we know they aren't catfish (although there was a BANANAS catfish incident when we were still on the big BMB, but that is a story for another day), they just aren't connected to anyone other than group members on FB. 
  • I don't do FB, but I assume that the majority of people will want to go there, and I totally understand. I'll stick around here for as long as it's here, and if we happened to go to another platform, that'd be okay with me too. 
  • I’ll follow wherever. 

    My May 15 group is active on FB, but I mostly only lurk there because in general I don’t do much with my personal FB. I definitely post here more than my FB.  I don’t see a lot of things until late and I feel weird adding days later (that’s my personal hang up though).  I feel like it’s still early for a migration. 

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  • I'll do either, but my personal preference is not to use FB. Agree that it feels too early to move for me as well.
    I was in BMBs for both my Sept 14 and Sept 17 babies, but neither group moved over, so this is new to me! I will say that my Sept 17 board got super quiet after the babies were born, and I was missing that support which could have possibly been offered on a different platform. 
  • My experience is with FB (Dec18) so I vote for that. We've had one or two ladies that we convinced to make FB acct just for the group. Our move was fairly late but I'm ok doing it whenever. I would personally find it easier to participate on FB 😆
  • I don’t want to lose members that don’t want to go to FB. And it is a little early to move somewhere but I am glad we are having these conversations now so we can hopefully find something that works for everyone. 

    I don’t even know if anywhere else to go other than FB so I’m no help on that regard. 
  • A few have mentioned a private bump and FB, and I think doing both might cover off both worlds. I check TB mobile a ton more than Facebook. I kind of want to delete FB but have a few local groups I'm in.
    I've never used any other platforms really so one of these two would be my preference. 
  • I would rather not have multiple groups, inevitably you end up where the majority are on one or the other. I will go anywhere but would suggest Slack - it can be as private as we want for those that don't do FB and you can access easily on phone or on the web. That's what my J16 group does. (We originally were on FB but a lot os us didn't want to be on FB too much and Slack is nice and distraction free). Reddit would be fine with me too. I am fine with posting here for a while but I def hold back because of the public nature of it and would post more stuff if we were in a private place. 
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  • @claireloSC agreed. I feel like we don't know each other *that* well, which is probably because we're all feeling the stranger danger being on display in such a small, public group.
  • grogugrogu member
    I'd be happy to move to a private group then to Facebook closer to the end of third tri. 
    I definitely don't engage as much with it being a public forum.
  • Yall. I just snuck around in July21 and they moved to FB a while ago. WILD. I'd be fine with moving to a private bump group so we can get to know each other better before getting straight to FB.
  • Can someone explain how the private bump groups work? These weren’t really a thing (to my knowledge) when I was pregnant with my daughter 
  • pickle-chipspickle-chips member
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    @mrspants0809 it’s pretty much the same in terms of how the discussion threads work. But it’s in the private group section. We’d have moderators who would be able to approve requests to join the group. Only people who are members of the group can actually see the discussion threads.

    Edit for clarity: one of us would have to create the group and then could add additional moderators. 
  • @pickle-chips thank you! So similar to a FB group but on here. 
  • A private group would be exactly the same as this is now, except instead of posts being public, only approved members of the group can see them/can post. I actually forget sometimes that this one is public because I’ve been in a private Dec19 group for so long. 
  • I won’t do FB so my vote would be for a private Bump group, but I understand if FB is what works best for the majority! I’m also content to keep posting on here for as long as possible.
    Same here. I’m not on fb anymore. I left after my divorce and when I started dating my now husband and haven’t looked back. I agree with all of what the_most_happy posted
  • Is it ok to revive this conversation? I feel like we’re super exposed since there aren’t other BMB groups or areas with many new posts.  Do we just need to have someone make the private group then send invites, let people know where to look, and/or what they’d need to be accepted?
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  • @loloyoyo26 I'm on board with that. 
  • Sounds good to me!

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  • A private group on TB sounds good to me. 
  • I’m good with whatever option works for the most people 
  • We can always move private for now and then consider Facebook again in the future 
  • I can’t remember the exact criteria we had in my previous group, but I think there was a minimum number of posts, and/or how recently they’d posted. And admins can check if someone is “liking” posts even if they’re not posting. Once the initial round of invites went out, if someone else asked to join, there was a vote amongst the PG members whether they would feel comfortable adding that person, and occasionally would check the public group to make sure no one was left behind. 
  • @CapricaAndrea that sounds fair. I feel like this group had a ton of propose intro and only a handful actually participate. Im hoping we can weed out the random drive by posters. 
  • I’m noticing I’ve been less and less active. Ugh. TB app broke. 
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  • @emmylou78 maybe so, but we know you 😀 

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  • @emmylou78 it’s hard for me to get on here too sometimes. I wish the app was more user friendly 
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