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PGAL April Check-in

This is a check in for those of us who are experiencing pregnancy after a loss (miscarriage, chemical pregnancy, stillbirth, child loss, to name a few).

Just a reminder: there is a general loss trigger warning (TW) on this entire thread. 

How far along are you? Any milestones?  

How are you feeling (physically)?

How are you feeling (mentally/emotionally)?

Any appointment updates? 


Feel free to answer any of the prompts or simply reach out at any point in the month when you are in need of support.

Re: PGAL April Check-in

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    How far along are you? Any milestones?  19+1... Coming up on my last milestones. I do feel the baby, but not frequently which makes me pretty nervous. 

    How are you feeling (physically)? Still vomiting almost every morning. So tired, but that could be due to my toddler.

    How are you feeling (mentally/emotionally)? Anxiety is creeping in as the 15th (my AS/appt) approaches. 

    Any appointment updates? Not until the 15th

    Rants/Raves? So my best friend from college has a1 yr old. We went to visit them and some family for about a week. Well a little over halfway into the visit she told me how we were raising DS wrong and tried to hide her judgement by passing off as "research shows". Plus she blatantly ignored DW which was a new development in our friendship.

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    @Kenneylynn3 I hope your AS goes well and comes around quickly! I know the anxiety of waiting is so hard to deal with. Your friends reaction seems really weird. We will all raise our kids differently, if they were all raised the same we would be straight out of some weird culty book.

    How far along are you? Any milestones?  22+5 milestone reached

    How are you feeling (physically)? Good!

    How are you feeling (mentally/emotionally)? Pretty good. I've felt babe a ton, but every morning and from time to time if I haven't felt it for a while I give my belly some pokes and shakes to wake it up. Is that weird? I've definitely had some moments where I don't feel anything for a while and start to mildly panic. 

    Any appointment updates? I'm going to try and have the balls to ask for an ultrasound after 28 weeks to see if the brain cyst went away. I doubt I will actually follow through, and will just sit with my anxiety until babe is here.

    Rants/Raves? None in the present moment.

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    grogugrogu member

    How far along are you? Any milestones?  August 28, 19+3

    How are you feeling (physically)? Still vomiting most evenings but relatively ok the rest of the day. 

    How are you feeling (mentally/emotionally)? Anxiously awaiting my harmony genetic screening results 

    Any appointment updates? Anatomy scan today. I am so anxious my stomach is sick and keep throwing up. It's in an hour and a half so hopefully feeling better soon!

    Rants/Raves? NATM

    @Kenneylynn3 rude. Everyone does what they think is best. 

    @doodlemom131 definitely ask! I see no reason they'd say no, especially being in Canada. 
    My doctor sent me for a 12 week scan just to ease my mind after a MMC and I'm sure I'll get another one around 32 weeks when I ask.

    @ladyk127 that's so nice that your husband could come. MH can't come to anything, and I've noticed he's way more disconnected this time around. He doesn't even want to hear baby on the doppler at home. It's weird. 
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    @grogu thinking of you! You must be heading in in the next half hour or so. I hope you are feeling better and baby cooperates for picture day. <3
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    @grogu I hope today goes went and you get all the pics you need!

    @ladyk127 I'm glad YH was able to go to the ultrasound,  it makes a huge difference. 

    I'm like 50/50 on if they'll do another scan. The last doc said we didn't need anymore ultrasounds "unless medically indicated" but I have a new OB now so will see what she says. Just got off mat leave so hopefully she's more understanding. But I know I probably won't end up asking, doctors scare me.

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    @Kenneylynn3 wait what the hell? What did she claim that the "research shows" anyway?

    So glad the scan went well @grogu! Fingers crossed that placenta scooches out of the way.
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    How far along are you? Any milestones?  19W, everything passed except for 23 week PTL/ abruption.

    How are you feeling (physically)? ok. tired and it just seems like i'll never have energy again. back pain is getting annoying but chiro is helping, i think.

    How are you feeling (mentally/emotionally)? anxious for AS next week. sad that we're seeing much more covid in the hospital again, makes me nervous constantly. really trying to pick my mood up.

    Any appointment updates? AS next week.

    Rants/Raves? we've had a few nice days this past week!! i was working for all of them, but it was still nice when i got off at 4 (and i'm off today and its 70!). im so jealous of people in other climates!!

    @Kenneylynn3 lol at "research shows." unless you're driving with a 1 year old in the front seat or letting a baby drink ETOH, its such BS for people to judge. i've felt judgement so bad with my kids because they were colicky, we must be doing XYZ wrong...

    @doodlemom131I agree, sending a quick message saying its really causing you to stress a lot would be an easy way to go!

    @grogu congrats on the good news!! thats such a relief. but holding those type of results for a whole week? thats not ok.

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    @grogu yay for great ultrasound. Hoping your placenta moves. 
    @BourbonBiscuits so the "research shows" that by putting kids in time-out you are severing the bond with your child. My son is 2 and is going through a hitting phase when he gets frustrated and we stop him and tell him we don't got people because it hurts and of he hits he needs to go to his bed. He only goes in there if he hits again and we get him out when he calms down so we can talk again about how we don't hit and why. 
    Thank you ladies, I didn't take what she said seriously. I just didn't feel like it was her place to judge and I didn't think I would get judgement from her. Her apology went something like, "I'm sorry. It might have come across as judging, but..." 
    @ladyk127 hope your ultrasound goes well l today!

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    @Kenneylynn3 sounds like someone who gets off on thinking they're smarter than everyone else. Annoying.

    How far along are you? Any milestones?  21+4 - all milestones passed

    How are you feeling (physically)? Enormous. I never really lost the early weight from my last loss, so I've just kept getting larger and larger. Nobody's concerned about my weight, I just feel like a whale already

    How are you feeling (mentally/emotionally)? Feeling movement is helping a lot. I still don't think I'll relax until baby is out, but I'm feeling much better after the anatomy scan.

    Any appointment updates? I realized a few days ago that this is my very first uncomplicated pregnancy ever. I've always had some kind of issue to watch out for or be nervous about, but this time everything is textbook perfect. Which is pretty amazing - I'm not sure how I would feel if I had a complication on top of the stress of being PGAL.

    Rants/Raves? my skin is starting to clear up! I thought this baby was a girl the whole time because my skin was such a wreck, but I'm finally getting that pregnancy glow I remember from when i was pregnant with DS. So that's pretty awesome.

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    @BourbonBiscuits that's exactly what my wife said.

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    @grogu I feel like someone here is complaining about the same thing all the time with these results.  What is the problem with these offices and clinics??? Mine never called me about my 16 week blood work, but they clearly get annoyed when you call for results.  So annoying.  A week is a long time too.  


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