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April Symptoms

How far along are you? What are symptoms have you got? What helps? Questions or concerns? 

Re: April Symptoms

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    Recently, I am getting horrific ocular headaches after I eat lunch. I originally thought it was from consuming too much sugar (I don't eat a lot of sugar so things really affect me) but now I'm not so sure. Planning to bring it up with my doc at my next appointment. Anyone experience something similar? 
  • @surrenderdorothy I've had one ocular while driving, it was terrifying. I hope yours stop. My optometrist/doctor didn't seem too concerned with no additional pressure in my eyes. It could just be the increased blood volume.
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  • 20w today. I regret attempting to wean myself off of Diclectin 🥴. 

    Anyone who had nausea past the first trimester, when did it get better? After baby was born?! 
  • grogugrogu member
    @pickle-chips I was sick until DD was born.... I don't have much hope for anything different this time
  • My nausea subsided about 2 weeks ago— 17 weeks 
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  • @pickle_chips I had all day nausea/ vomiting until I had DS. I was on zofran and they forgot to give it to me during my labor and I threw up before I had him.

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  • @Kenneylynn3 ugh I always puke during labor. I should just tell them to give me zofran when I arrive. I also have needed pitocin with both labors though, so maybe that's what sets me off.

    I'm still super gaggy in the mornings. And my allergies are completely out of control. 
  • grogugrogu member
    @BourbonBiscuits I threw up through my entire active labour on pictocin. That stuff is awful!

  • I still am nauseous/ vomiting almost every morning. It's not all day like last time so I've been living with it instead of taking meds. 

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  • I vomited like crazy in labor but I blamed the 10mg of morphine. 
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  • How far along are you? 19 and some
    What are symptoms have you got? 
    What helps? so much better the past 2 weeks or so. no appetite a lot still, but no nausea. headaches are mild and some days i don't even have a headache at all (my daily headaches started around 6 weeks). back pain is getting worse, but its true - the chiropractor helps! i literally get a few pain free days between sessions. i totally recommend this for anyone who's back pain is getting in the way of staying (at least kind of) active.
    Questions or concerns? for people with 2+ kids already, do you feel like your energy is just not what you want it to be? i feel like i should be able to get so much more done, but struggle with the basics (cooking, cleaning, laundry...). i never catch up with that stuff and can't even come close to checking things off the pre-baby to do list!

  • @litzi-2, I'm pregnant with my third and homeschooling my oldest. I absolutely am behind with the day to day and the baby prep! My parents are visiting this week on our spring break to help with housing renovations and baby prepping. I'm sure I'll have to ask for more help as it gets closer to the due date although I hate to. I'm also likely going to send my oldest to a week long day camp in the summer. Hopefully that will give me more time, focus, and energy to get stuff together! 
  • 23 weeks today. Pretty much continuing symptoms of hip pain and fatigue. Mostly here to scoff at the idea that I can still bend at the waist...🙄 One of my favorite past times is working in the garden, and this pregnancy is making that increasingly difficult. 
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