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  • Well, I failed my first glucose test last week.
    *womp womp* I'm sitting at the office now, in the middle of my 3 hour test. Ugh. FX I pass this one!
  • @shoogapoff - Bummer! Good luck with the three hour test!
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  • @Kenneylynn3
    I'm glad a few things got crossed off but sorry there is still uncertainty. Hope you get some answers and more confidence in the outcome, soon.
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  • @shoogapoff fx for better outcome this test!

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  • Hello ladies I have an upcoming appointment for my AS on may 3rd this is a 2nd one as they couldn't get some shots the 1st time . I was very uncomfortable with the technician 1st time, so this time around could I request a different one by calling ahead without complaining on the earlier technician ,i
  • @shoogapoff ugh, sorry about that! Hope this test goes better.

    @babygirl812 obviously I don't know your particular doctor's office's situation, but it couldn't hurt to try! Honestly I can't think of a way to request that that isn't at least an implied criticism of the previous tech though... unless maybe it's a situation where it was a male technician and you can say you'd be more comfortable with a woman? Really though if you were very uncomfortable it's probably best for them to hear about it and work with the tech to address whatever your issue was!
  • @Kenneylynn3, glad the scarier possibilities have been eliminated. I'm hoping you get some more answers soon. Thinking of you!  <3
  • @the_most_happy me neither I can't think of way to request another one but it was a female technician but she really didn't answer any questions I was asking and when I wanted to find the gender she just brushed off saying I am not there yet and she went and in out of the room every time to ask the doc in general she just made me very nervous .
  • @babygirl1812 in that case I’d just ask for a different tech then. You don’t even need to offer an explanation if you don’t want to, you could just inquire if it’s possible for you to be seen by someone else and leave it at that! Again, may not be feasible for the office but doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Yep I will call them tomorrow and ask let's see .
  • @babygirl1812 FWIW the techs are not supposed to answer questions without speaking to the doctors to review images so you may not get different answers even with the new tech. 
  • babygirl1812babygirl1812 member
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    I understand that , with my 1st baby I had an amazing sonographer who performed everything with ease, this one's demeanor is off that's what made me uncomfortable
  • @Kenneylynn3, that’s great for scary things getting crossed off the list!

    @shoogapoff, I hope you get good test results this time around!

    @babygirl1812, I hope your request works out. 

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  • Well, ladies. I failed the 3 hour.  😞 I got my glucometer today and picked up some diabetic-friendly snacks at the grocery store. I was pretty devastated when I got the news, but I'm feeling a little better today. Hopefully it can be managed by diet alone, or else I'll be risked out of the birth center. 
  • I'm so sorry, @shoogapoff! But glad to hear you are feeling better about the results! 
  • grogugrogu member
    Ugh @shoogapoff that sucks. I'll keep everything crossed that diet alone can keep it in check
  • @shoogapoff I'm sorry to hear that you failed the 3 hour. I did have a friend who just had her baby where she was able to manage her gestational diabetes with diet alone.

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  • That sucks @shoogapoff, I'm sorry! Hope it turns out to be easy to manage.
  • Boo, I’m sorry @shoogapoff. But glad that you’re feeling a little better about the results today—that’s half the battle! And fingers crossed the diet helps to keep the GD under control and you get to stick with the birth centre.
  • @shoogapoff, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you still end up at the birth center, and glad you’re feeling better about it.  Fx the diet helps. 

    Are you able to exercise too? (Energy level or otherwise?)
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  • @loloyoyo26 Yes, I can definitely exercise and am planning on being more diligent about that, since it's supposed to help your blood sugars. 
  • @shoogapoff, that's awesome and will also help you reach your goal!  If you are comfortable with it also include resistance training since it helps by using up glucose (sugar) stored in your muscle, so you have to use blood sugar to replace what you took out.  I'll gladly help out if you have questions.
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  • @loloyoyo26 Thanks! Out of curiosity, have you had GD? Or just generally knowledgeable about the topic? Either way, I appreciate the advice. :)
  • @shoogapoff, I’m an exercise physiologist.  A lot of my background, or I should say interest, is in disease (including management and prevention of disease with exercise) vs things like athletic performance.  I’m also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. 
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