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New month, new appointments! Use this thread to discuss upcoming appointments in April.

Questions? News? Tests?

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  • Glucose test coming up. They gave me the drink but I still have to go to the office. Is the idea we drink it at home and then they pull the test? Because my dr is over an hour away. I'm confused.
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  • @claireloSC that is annoying that they didn’t give you better instructions. My understanding is that the blood draw happens at the hour mark, so if they’re over an hour away you’d need to be drinking it on the drive over so that you’d be in time? 

    Do they have a nurses line you can call for clarification? 

    Here, you go to a blood draw clinic and they’ve got the drink there for you and you wait the hour there. It’s little weird because you’re sitting at the registration desk chugging the drink in the allotted time.
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  • @pickle-chips I think they've foregone the drink in a lot of cases here and just do some sort of blood test, to avoid you sitting around the hospital for an hour.
  • Anatomy Scan #2 on April 23! Really hoping baby cooperates this time and we get the last couple measurements they needed and we can find out the sex! 

    I can't remember if the glucose test is this month or next month? My midwife mentioned it but she might have said it would be the appointment after my April 23 appointment...
  • @dancingnarwhal I think it would be that next April 23 appt
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  • Anatomy scan on the 12th (next Monday). I get to meet the other Dr in the practice I go to. I’ve heard great things about her - hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

    I’ve always had the glucose test at 28 weeks. The first two times I had to drink the drink in the office and the 3rd time I drank it at home and had to be there at the hour mark for the blood draw. Ugh, I’m not a fan of it... I always get so lightheaded.

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  • @dancingnarwhal,  I had my repeat ultrasound this evening since baby wasn't in a good position to get pictures of the heart last time. After quite a bit of gymnastics on my part, it turns out baby still isn't in a good position. I hope your experience is better!  
  • I just "met" my OB this morning with a phone appointment. There's really not much to do at this point so it was pretty much just her asking for all my relevant information.
  • @coastalmomma3 - Oh no! Do you have to go in for a third time??
  • @dancingnarwhal From what the tech told me last night, it looks like I will have an appointment with a perinatalogist. My OB can't rule out a heart defect since they can't see detail of the heart, so they're likely sending me to a specialist. Apparently that's their protocol in this situation.
  • I have my AS this afternoon at 2:30 and the morning is just crawling by. I’m nervous sweaty/clammy and can hardly focus on work. 
  • @pickle-chips That's how I felt before my first anatomy scan! So glad my second one is at 10 am. I really just like to get baby appointments done in the morning otherwise I feel antsy the whole day leading up to it. Good luck at your AS!
  • @claireloSC I know I'm late to the party, but I'm in a similar boat with my glucose screening. They gave me the drink at my last appointment, and told me to drink it 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment time, so that they can be sure to do the blood draw right at the hour mark. I like an hour away, so I'm going to be chugging it in the car! 

  • @pickle-chips yay for (probably) team blue! 💙
  • @Kenneylynn3 how are you feeling about the appointment? Fingers crossed that all is well. 
  • @Kenneylynn3 oh I'm sorry. Hope everything turns out ok.
  • @Kenneylynn3 I'm sorry there's stress from your results. Surely since your last baby was small, it's just genes, right? This baby has the same donor as your previous pregnancy? 

    Fx for your results to come back completely normal!
  • @Kenneylynn3 crossing my fingers for you that everything from the bloodwork comes back normal! I’m sure this must be stressful, even if there is a precedent. Sending all the good thoughts!
  • @Kenneylynn3 I hope the blood work comes back quick and you get some answers. From what I know of chromosomal abnormalities, a lot of issues will present in the organs as well, so hopefully with just one marker everything will turn out okay there.
  • @Kenneylynn3, I hope you get answers soon! 
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  • @Kenneylynn3 I am sorry you came away with more questions. I hope the blood results come back quickly and that they come back all good. ❤️
  • @Kenneylynn3, I'm so sorry you're in limbo, waiting for answers to tough questions. Sending you all the positive vibes and well wishes!
  • grogugrogu member
    @Kenneylynn3 I'm so sorry. Waiting on results is so stressful. I hope everything comes back ok and baby is just a little one 💖
  • @Kenneylynn3
    I'm sorry, that sounds so stressful. I hope you can rule out the very serious stuff and he/she is just small. Hope you hear back very soon.
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  • @Kenneylynn3 I'm sorry I am late responding to your appointment update. I am sorry you are in limbo waiting for results. Sending a lot of positive energy your way for some conclusive answers soon, and ultimately no issues, just a petite little peanut in there. Hang in there, mama. <3 
  • grogugrogu member
    Baby refused to cooperate and we still didn't get a picture of the four chambers of her heart from the front. 
    Waiting to hear what my doctor suggests... Either another ultrasound or a fetal echo that I have to travel to Vancouver for 🙄

    @Kenneylynn3 I hope your results come back soon, waiting on things like this is torture ❤️
  • @grogu, we are having the same issue. I've had two Anatomy Scans now and due to her position they can't get any good pictures of the heart. Their protocol is that they refer out to a specialist in maternal fetal medicine at this point. We have our appointment on Monday which means a drive for us too. 
  • @Kenneylynn3 I'm glad you're starting to get some answers. It's tough being in limbo. 
  • grogugrogu member
    @coastalmomma3 @Kenneylynn3 we are quite rural so I'm trying my local hospital one more time before being referred to women's in Vancouver 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 let's hope   she cooperates 

    @Kenneylynn3 glad you have partial answers! I hope your other results return quickly
  • I had my As on April 12 baby didn't cooperate so we couldn't get everything the doc needed and also we couldn't find out the gender. I have a another scan may 3rd really hoping to get everything this time and hopefully know the gender too 
  • @Kenneylynn3 - Thats good news! I’m glad some of the scarier things have been crossed off the list!
  • @Kenneylynn3 I am glad you were able to eliminate some of the scarier possibilities. Continuing to send positive energy your way. 💙
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