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WTO Wednesday 3/31

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** <div>
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Re: WTO Wednesday 3/31

  • Month/Cycle: 22/2 AL

    CD: 27

    WAYDTGKU: NTNP, temping

    R/R: My sisters and I are planning to go and get tattoos together soon. This will be my first tattoo! I got confirmation from the parlor that we can all go together which is exciting! Now I’m waiting to hear back when they have an opening for us. I’m hoping they have something really soon!


    [Deleted User]
  • Month/Cycle: 4/4
    CD: 1 or 2 ?? Symptoms say 2, but AF itself says 1. Probably 1 though.
    WAYDTGKU: bbt/cm
    R/R: rant: got hit with a migraine yesterday and I'm mad because I didn't even do anything to trigger it. 🙄 Hormones suck.
    Rave: I'm finally figuring out my work hours to support the UK team, and I'm loving my free-er afternoons! Just need to be able to fall asleep quicker because the reduced sleep is getting to me 🥱
    CS/Q: to OPK, or not to OPK...that is my question. If my cycles are pretty regular (ie ovulation is day 13 in 6 out of the last 7 cycles, should I bother? (I know,  I know, "you're regular until you're not..") 
    [Deleted User]bows22
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  • @pajamstagrams oops looks like we posted at the same time. Sorry for AF and a migraine on top of it. I hope today is a better day!
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  • edited March 2021
    Month/Cycle: Testing<div>
    </div><div>CD:  17</div><div>
    </div><div>WAYDTGKU:  FET Prep</div><div>
    </div><div>R/R:  DH has been working so much lately, not really even taking a day off, that he's running out of work clothes before I get them washed!  It's a little annoying obv, partly because I even brought the bin down last night and said something about it.  If he had checked for today or mentioned, I could have totally thrown in an extra load, but it was already late and he didn't push the issue, so I left it for the morning.  And now instead we wake up to, "why don't I have any work clothes????" 🤦🤦🤦 I assure you, it's not because I'm doing any Less. Laundry. 😫😫😫 Ugh.

    ETA On the Rave side, I just made a batch of hb eggs and they all peeled so we'll!  I love when they come out nicely. 😊</div><div>
    </div><div class="Spoiler">CS/Q: 
    <img alt="" src="https://us.v-cdn.net/5020794/uploads/editor/s1/78q0al0osql5.jpg">
    <p>Temps look like they might actually start cooperating!!!  Today's 4:20AM temp did the right thing anyway ;)</p></div>
  • @pajamstagrams I'm sorry about the migraine.  As long as you are sure you are ovulating, and you're temping as well, I'm not sure I would bother.  The main thing is that you HIO during FW!  There is no such thing as "perfect" timing.  So whether you get -3,-1,O or -4,-2,-1, or -2,-1,+1 etc the most important thing is that you have fighters in the ring, if you catch my drift. ;) I think approximately EOD HIO from about when AF has left the building to when your temps show an ovulation happened, you're in good shape, even without OPKs.

    @gingermama29 Getting that tattoo with your sister sounds like it will be really special. (((Hugs)))
  • @gingermama29 do you know what kind of tattoo you're going to get yet?? How fun!

    @BusinessWife tell YH to do his own laundry then 😉😂 

    Also good to hear on OPKs. That's kind of what I figured- probably wouldn't help too much in my case. 
    gingermama29[Deleted User]
  • @pajamstagrams ugh I suffer from migraines too so I can relate.  I have no idea what triggers mine they are so random. 

    @gingermama29 ohhhh fun!  Do you know what you are going to get?

    @BusinessWife yay for perfect hb eggs.  They're one of my favorite.  I am the deviled egg person in the family.  They always expect it from me at get togethers haha. 


    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 12


    R/R: I bought one of those cheap smart watches on amazon after my friend was raving about hers and I love it.  I hit my 10,000 step goal the last three days (which isn't exactly easy to do sitting at a desk all day!)

    CS/Q: nope
    TTC History:
    Started dating DH 2006 . Married 2015

    TTC July 2015-November 2015
    BFP November 2015
    Baby boy born August 2016

    Oops BFP February 2021
    MMC March 2021

    Back on BC for a year to decide what we want to do.

    TTC Since March 2022
    MMC June 2022

    BFP September 2022 - Due June 2023!

    gingermama29[Deleted User]
  • @pajamstagrams and @ReadyForaB

    I want those two flowers on my wrist. TW* MC and LC
     The fully bloomed violet is for my DD (February flower) and the gladiolus bud is for the pregnancy I lost (August flower)

    @ReadyForaB congrats on getting your step goal the last few days! 
  • edited March 2021
    @pajamstagrams. Sometimes he does!  But when it's never when it's most critical, because he's not even home to do it.  I would totally settle for a reminder, tho! 😜

    @ReadyForaB yasss, love deviled eggs.  SIL has been making them herself tho it seems, so.... I guess I will just have to make a batch to keep all for ourselves! 😆 I like making them extra fancy / spicier, where I think they make them kinda more plain.  I have nice grated horseradish and fresh dill and everything!  Yummmm So ready. What do you like to put in yours?  Ooh!  Also, can you link the watch?  I was thinking of getting something like that too, but I don't need a while fancy integrated i-whatever thing lol<div>
    ETA clarity</div>
  • deaf_girldeaf_girl member
    edited March 2021
    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 12

    WAYDTGKU: trying for EOD, OPKs, BBT (although I think that my thermometer might be dying on me) PreeSeed 

    R/R: We are finally getting a shower put in, but it's causing a few issues with us. We live with my mother in law and her husband, for the time being, and they don't know We are TTGKU. Tha0t alone makes it hard, but to add in the stress of getting the shower put in, I couldn't do an OPK yesterday, and I'm currently trying to figure out how to do one today...
    [Deleted User]
  • @BusinessWife I put honey and dijon mustard in mine.  Everyone loves them.  Yours sound SO good.  I love dill. 

    Here is the link to the watch.  I have been struggling going back and forth on getting an apple watch for like a year now.  My friend had this one and loved it so I was like oh why not, for $35?! It links up to your phone using an app too.  I love it for the price. 

    TTC History:
    Started dating DH 2006 . Married 2015

    TTC July 2015-November 2015
    BFP November 2015
    Baby boy born August 2016

    Oops BFP February 2021
    MMC March 2021

    Back on BC for a year to decide what we want to do.

    TTC Since March 2022
    MMC June 2022

    BFP September 2022 - Due June 2023!

    [Deleted User]
  • anniemarie887anniemarie887 member
    edited March 2021
    @gingermama29 so exciting! love the symbolism!
    @BusinessWife @ReadyForaB i also love a good deviled egg, and love hb eggs and avocado in salads. i feel like it eliminates the need for dressing then. resident marylander here - love old bay in them! 
    @pajamstagrams i am forever working on going to bed earlier, last night was close to 1am... i do think sleep meditations help when i can dig my nose out of my book
    @deaf_girl hopefully the bathroom reno is done soon!

    Month/Cycle: 5/5

    CD: 8

    WAYDTGKU: actually remembered digital opk this morning, still forgetting vitamins... crap

    R/R: my husband and i are getting some well needed ALONE time this weekend which should be AMAZING *TW live child - the grandparents have asked to hijack our daughter and i am ELATED *end TW

    [Deleted User]ReadyForaB
  • @anniemarie887 1 am?!?!? 😱 Man I'm disappointed if my brain doesn't shut off before 10 pm. 

    @deaf_girl oh, that would be hard. I can't imagine living with my in-laws while TTC. Although I think my parents would be worse since they would pry more 😂

    @gingermama29 that will be so pretty! 

    @ReadyForaB i think my main trigger is dehydration/electrolyte imbalance. That's what gets me 99% of the time.  I also get migraines from strong smells (basically anything scented, gasoline, cigarette smoke, etc). Just depends on what day my cycle is on how sensitive I am. 
    [Deleted User]chgilmore
  • @gingermama29 sister tattoos sound so fun!
    @pajamstagrams sorry about the migraine and about AF :(
    @BusinessWife you sound like a busy bee! I hate when laundry piles up, ugh. ngl, I'm also a deviled egg person though, lol
    @ReadyForaB love when technology makes life easier - heck yeah for step goals!!
    @deaf_girl sorry to hear about the shower reno/sneaking around situation, it sounds really tough to be keeping all this to yourself.
    @anniemarie887 hooray for alone time!!!! sounds like you need it after a late night?

    (sorry if I'm missing anyone!)

    Month/Cycle: 3

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: bbt, cm/cp, opk, pnv

    R/R: MH gets his first dose today, but in true Pandemic Year fashion, something else has to go wrong. Someone has been stealing our packages, probably someone in the building; I don't have the energy to dig in my emails and change delivery addresses or to tell companies that shipments "got lost in the mail" but if I don't do that, then we can probably expect more stolen packages.

    CS/Q: still early
  • @gingermama29 awesome! that'll be a nice tattoo. Are you getting just black, or color?
    @pajamstagrams ugh, I'm sorry, migraines are the worst. RE: OPKs, if you're very regular, AND you're already checking cm, I don't see why you'd need to spend the money on OPKs.
    @BusinessWife sorry for the laundry annoyance, but yay for the little things like the eggs.
    @ReadyForaB nice! I have one of the fitbit smart watches and I love it.
    @deaf_girl ugh, that stinks, I hope you're able to get your OPK done secretly!
    @anniemarie887 yay for alone time!
    @chgilmore blugh, porch pirates suck. I can't imagine it's THAT profitable for all the effort for them, I imagine the majority of packages aren't things like computers and phones!

    Month/Cycle: 5/5

    CD: 21

    WAYDTGKU: cm, bbt, opks, cinnamon supplements

    R/R: Guess who's developed a bad cold right as fertile week starts? I'll have to suck it up and deal so we can get some BD in the next couple days. I'm also very excited because our age bracket for vaccines opens for registration tonight at midnight. I'm always up then anyway, but both of us will be up on our computers ready to try to snag appointments.

    CS/Q: a non-yeti temp this morning! Which I just realized may also be related to me being sick, so I might just be a slightly warm yeti today.

    chgilmoreReadyForaB[Deleted User]
  • Thanks everyone...since I'm on a Foley catheter, I amy be able ro do it in my room, where all my suppliers are, if I don't make a mess...lol

    It is very hard not to let her know what is going on...we now have a TTGKU drawer in our dresser LOL. Matter of fact, no one in our families know...so it is kinda lonely. That's why I'm happy to have found this group...
    [Deleted User]
  • @fantasyflyte a toasty yeti! I'm sorry you're not feeling well but excited for you entering FW and for you BOTH becoming eligible for the vaccine!

    Porch pirates do suck...yesterday they stole sleep headphones, but they've stolen pet supplies (included food and litter - a heavy box, it even said the pet company name on the box) as well as very light Amazon boxes. Ugh. We never had this problem before the last month. 
  • @deaf_girl I think secretly peeing on things is sort of a TTC rite of passage.  Welcome to the club!!!  Now it's OFFICIAL official. 😆
  • @BusinessWife lol...I was able to take it, thankfully. It's getting darker, so I have to keep a closer eye on it now. Problem, they aren't done with the bathroom yet LOL...so I have a sneaking suspension I'll be in the same boat today 😅
    [Deleted User]
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