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Randoms- 3/29

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  • Am I the only one who sits in parking lots or my driveway (looking at my phone) for an absurd amount of time before going into the grocery store/house?
  • @doodlemom131 better to do it there than when you are on the road! The grocery store is actually one of my happy places, so I go right in. But, sometimes I try to prolong going into the house if I need a minute away from my circus. 
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  • @doodlemom131I absolutely do that, it’s a little bit of time for myself. But only in parking lots, if I did it in the driveway one of my kids or my husband might spot me and then expect me to come inside 😂 
  • @doodlemom131 100% Sometimes MH will come check on me after he hears the garage door open, but I don't come in for like 30 minutes.

    This week has been super stressful at work and it is only Tuesday morning. I'm so glad it is a short week. 
  • I used to be a parking lot and driveway sitter... however that ended quickly courtesy of a bad series of carjackings in people's driveways and store parking lots recently. Now I'm so freaked out about it I get in and out as fast as possible (no easy feat with a child in a carseat.)

    I hope your week improves, @pickle-chips!
  • grogugrogu member
    @pickle-chips I hope the last few days of your week go smoothly! I'm looking forward to an extra long weekend too!

    @surrenderdorothy that's so scary! I can't imagine not being able to just sit and decompress in my car. It's like a sanctuary from the chaos lol
  • @surrenderdorothy that's terrifying and definitely make me reconsider sitting in my car. From our BMB early days, wasn't there someone else who witnessed a carjacking in the daycare pick-up line? 

    @grogu that sensory bin is awesome! Did you put it together yourself or get a pre-made kit. I love the idea of sensory bins, but I need to outsource it haha.
  • @pickle-chips that was me- I didn't witness it, but it happened at my son's school! One of the instances that made me really fearful of sitting idle in my car.
  • grogugrogu member
    @pickle-chips I bought it! I don't have the energy or time to find bits to make one haha 
  • @surrenderdorothy right! Yes, that would definitely do it. For the most part I am just sitting in my turned-off car in my garage with the door closed...in the dark. :D It's like a sensory deprivation tank, before the onslaught of everyone wanting something from me.
  • I sit in the parking lot at the store all the time. Usually when I get Starbucks. I hate shopping so I guess I try to delay having to go do it
  • @grogu and @pickle-chips, confession: I LOATHE sensory bins with every cell in my body. I mean, I do them because I know what a great tool they are, but I still hate them. My OCD, Type A, Enneagram 3, clean-freak self gets itchy whenever my kids play with them. That being said, they are SO easy to throw together. I have a storage bin of sensory bin "bases" (rice, black beans, pasta, lentils, water beads, etc.) that I keep handy at all times. I choose a base, dump it into bins, throw random crap in (scoops, bowls, little toys, etc.), and let my kids go to town. Gives me an hour of kid-free time. I'm actually doing an Easter-themed one this week (ugh, not looking forward to it). Rainbow rice, pom poms, Easter eggs, baby animals, fake flowers...and a bunch of scoops. My kids will love it. I will hate it. 
  • Girls, I just got a pair of maternity overalls and I LOVE THEM! I can’t believe it took me until pregnancy number 3 to do this. Every pair of maternity jeans I’ve had have constantly fallen down, and I’m not really a dress person (though I make exceptions if I’m pregnant in the summer). No pants falling, no tight waistbands, the best. 
  • @CapricaAndrea ok but talk to me about peeing? 🤣
  • @CapricaAndrea also a fan of maternity overalls!! I’m getting my use out of thrm
    nis before it turns too ungodly hot to wear anything but dresses. 
  • @CapricaAndrea @surrenderdorothy I was super against overalls at the beginning, but I've hit a wall. I need to find a pair of jeans to wear in the vineyard and nothing was working. I also just ordered off Amazon for the first time in a year because I couldn't find any overalls anywhere. I woke up angry and willing to do anything today I guess. (Okay, we have pretty good mat leave in Canada but don't talk to us about shopping and shipping).
  • @pickle-chips totally easy! Just undo the shoulder straps! Way easier than something like a romper where you have to take your entire top off! 

    @surrenderdorothy Just gotta say, I *love* your username. I’m mildly obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. 
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