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Due Soon! Need help with names!

Hi all! I’m due in 5 weeks and we still can’t decide on a name. Our older son is Luca and last name is Swanson. 

 We like first names Owen, Leo, and Ryan. (We also liked Jacob and Oliver but they’re both so popular so we’ve pretty much ruled them out). 

Middle name or name variations we’ve been thinking are Owen Raine, Owen Grey, Owen Ross, Owen Rhett, Owen Matteo (Mateo), Leo Raine, Leo Grey, Ryan Grey, Ryan Oliver, Ryan Bair, kind of stuck there. 

 Our issue with Leo is that it might be too frick n frack to have a Luca and a Leo. 

 Would like middle name not to have two syllables since first and last are both two. 

 Thoughts, help!?!

Re: Due Soon! Need help with names!

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