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Misoprostol Experience

I’ve been lurking for a week or so since discovering my miscarriage. I just want to share my misoprostol experience. I had my first miscarriage. We discovered at 8 weeks the baby had stopped growing at 6w3d. My doctor gave me the option of waiting to naturally miscarry, take misoprostol or schedule a d&c. I waited a week then took the misoprostol last night. I was so hyped up from all of the HORROR stories I had read online about misoprostol. I mean, it is horrific having to take it in the first place but my experience was not nearly as bad as I expected. 

I inserted 4 pills vaginally at 11:15pm before bed. I could not decide whether to do it before bed or in the morning. I am SO glad I did it before bed. At 4am I woke up with minor cramping, no bleeding yet. I took some ibuprofen and went back to sleep. At 7am I woke up with pretty intense period like cramping. I went to the bathroom and felt a pop. I’m almost positive it all passed. The cramping immediately stopped. I now have a moderate period like flow 5 hours later, no cramps. 

I know everyone’s experience is different but I read so many terrible things about misoprostol. It scared me. A lot. I just want women to know that not everyone’s experience is all that painful/terrible. (Yes, it is terrible to even have to be in the position to have to take it but you know what I mean)

I will update on any further symptoms and I will see Wednesday if everything passed. 

I hope this helps ease the mind of anyone searching the web before having to do such a terrible thing. 

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  • grogugrogu member
    I'm glad your experience wasn't traumatic. 
    AFM, I took mine orally at bed as instructed by the OB, woke up at 3am in the most intense pain I've ever felt. Somehow managed to get to the bathroom without waking MH then passed out for who knows how long before I came to and was able to call MH for help. I'm lucky I didn't hit my head or injure myself. 
    It was honestly the worst experience of my life and if I ever had to go through with a loss again, I'd opt for a D&C over the meds. 
  • @grogu I am so sorry you had that experience.  And from everything I have read, you are certainly not alone.  There are no shortage of terrible stories about misoprostol out there.

    Although that is why I felt the need to share that not everyone has such a terrible experience. (As if loosing your baby isn't terrible enough, I know.)
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  • Just to update, I had my follow up today.  I still have some clots but otherwise I was cleared by my OB with no need to return. He is not even checking my HCG levels. 

    He even said we could start trying again a week after the bleeding stops.  No need to wait for another cycle to start. His logic - you will ovulate once before you get a period, no need to waste a cycle.  Obviously, I know some doctors may recommend something different and depending on your specific circumstances but this is just what mine has told me. 
  • @ReadyForaB I'm all for following your doctor's advice, but I'd also like to add a word of caution in here.  Cycles after a MC can be extremely wonky.  If you aren't planning to track your hcg down to 0, and you aren't planning to temperature track, I'd most definitely wait to try until after your first AF.  Reasons are this, I can NOT count the number of times women have come back into these forums, 4-5 weeks after MC being all "I had my MC on  and we DTD around the time I normally O, and now I'm getting faint positive tests, but am spotting.  Should I be worried?"  And the answer is... NO one knows.  If you didn't track your HCG to 0, and you didn't temperature chart to be able to see if you O'd, then you have absolutely NO idea if that BFP is a new PG, or residual HCG being picked up from your MC because you haven't actually finished MCing yet (which, depending on circumstances, can take several days or several months to 'end' and get the HCG out of your cycle.  I know several people who took close to 6 months for that to happen.)  

    And trust me, I understand the desperation to try again as soon as you can.  But in my opinion, sitting out one more month to ensure you have accurate results and less stress is absolutely always the way to go. Unless there's some medical reason you absolutely can NOT wait one cycle, patience is the answer...
  • ReadyForaBReadyForaB member
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    @stormageddon-darklordofall Thank you for the advice.

    I actually am temperature checking (started about three days ago) and redownloaded by FF from last go around five years ago. 

    I have been taking HPTs and seeing the line get lighter and lighter. 

    I am confident that my temp checking will give me a good idea and if I do happen to think I am pregnant my doctor will make sure my levels are doubling. 

    I don't want to waste a cycle, like my doctor said, but I honestly don't have much faith in getting pregnant on month 1 of trying either.  We will see how it goes I suppose. 

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  • @ReadyForaB If you're taking HPTs to see your HCG drop and temping to watch for O, then you should be ok!   
  • annawhartonannawharton Newbie
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