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It’s oh so quiet...

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    I'm exhausted, my stomach feels so tight like it could explode at any moment and everything hurts. But the end is in sight! Baby will be here in 48 hours 😩 edit to add: my pre-op Covid test results came back negative this afternoon so this will make our hospital stay a little more comfortable and convenient.
  • I can relate, hard! So uncomfy 😅 I was staring at my belly last night just thinking howwwww does the baby not just fall out at this point, it’s so big, so heavy, feel like I’m about to burst lol!
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  • I felt like that too right before I had my little one. Now I'm dealing with pumping and a baby growth spurt. 
  • @firsttimemamabear9 @abubba I know the feeling too well. Lots of pelvic pressure going on and oh so uncomfortable. 

    @firsttimemamabear9 scheduled c-section? I’m excited for you. 

    @kloe818 How is pumping going? 

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  • @redselig I'm doing ok with regards to volume but I loathe the activity itself. I'm learning that I'm probably using the wrong size flange because it's not supposed to hurt. I'm only doing it until I'm COVID vaccinated so Little Miss will get some protection, but that's a long month away. 
  • @redselig Yes, we check in at 6am tomorrow. I can't wait to be done and get back home to our girl. We've only been away from her for one night and that was a practice run for our hospital stay lol.

    @kloe818 Best of luck with pumping!! I had such a hard time. My first baby wouldn't/couldn't latch no matter what we tried, my milk didn't come in for 5 whole days and then I gave up pumping after just a week 😩 if this baby boy has trouble I'm going straight to the formula.
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