Covering the cost of IVF

Good morning friends we are about to begin our IVF process and have been looking at ways to help cover the cost. We came across a company called BetterMed loans offering 0% loans for IVF treatments. I’m skeptical because it seems to good to be true has anyone else used them or heard of them. Any information would be appreciated thank you.

Re: Covering the cost of IVF

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    Hello! I'm sorry you are in this situation.
    I haven't heard about it, but, loans? I don't know, I would be skeptikal, and maybe I'd try all the other possible ways to cover the cost (family, friends, etc)
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    Hi! ARC Fertility is apparently a good financing option from what I’ve heard. I haven’t heard about BetterMed but others here may have.  Personally, we are paying out of pocket because a loan didn’t seem the best option for our family, but there’s a few folks that have done it in the past. 
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    It depends how much you may need to finance.  When we found out we would need expensive a surgery for DH, and IVF+ICSI in order to even have a <i>chance</i> at conceiving, I found an employer with awesome IF coverage and went out and got myself a job working for them.  OOP costs beyond that, deductibles, meds and things, have all been fairly reasonable that we didn't have to actually finance anything (apart from putting it on a card for convenience / payment processing reasons.).   I have heard of people taking advantage of promotional 0% credit cards for 12-15 months, which many big banks offer when you open a new account.  So provided you can afford to not use the card for anything else, and pay off the balance before the promotional period ends, that would be a way to get something covered interest free.  I have heard of people hitting up family and friends through those go-fund- me type deals, and there are many types of IF grants available if you do a little digging.  I submitted a couple reviews that qualified for grant awards, but wasn't selected. :/ Womp
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    lylflylf member
    I’ve heard of them from another post on this forum a while ago. I don’t know anything about them. I have fertility coverage on my insurance. I’ve also heard Starbucks offers fertility coverage for parttime employees. Not sure all the details as I don’t work for them but I’ve heard other women at my clinic do. Might be something to look into. 
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    We got a 0% credit card for 18 months and maybe a year later,  my hubby got the same card with 0% for 18 months, so it was really helpful to pay it off as we went and not feel too stressed about it.  I also was super lucky a few really nice women sold me their meds at a discounted price as well as another girl gifted me $3000 worth of meds from another ivf forum I was on.   I had 3 failed ivf rounds, and heading into my 4th donor egg transfer and we are 90k deep after 2.5 years of fertility treatments.  

    39 years old   DH 41.  Sperm looks great.  We live in San Diego  
    Me:  ****TW loss mentioned***
    MTHFR Homozygous 677TT (dx 2016)
    8/2018           Off birth control
    11/29/2018    CP
    2/10/2019.    CP
    3/8/2019        Saw fertility doctor, AFC 5, labs drawn
    3/14/2019      Pregnant
    4/18/2019      9 week ultrasound  MM , stopped growing at 6 weeks, no HB.  D&C 
    5/2/2019       Return to fertility doctor, labs show AMH 0.27. Diminished Ovarian Reserve
                         1st of 3 Egg retrievals planned tentatively for July
    6/29/2019     started Antagonist Protocol 
    7/12/2019     First egg retrieval, only retrieved one egg and fell apart immediately, poor quality.
    8/7/2019.      Second cycle (follicular antagonist) canceled on day 5 of stims when a very large lead follicle grew out of nowhere.
    11/8/2019.    Second Egg retrieval with Lupron Flare Protocol.  2 eggs retrieved, fertilized with ICSI but no reaction occurred at all.                       Told I will never have my own babies with my eggs.
    12/20/2019    ERA - pre-receptive.  Needed 24 hours more of progesterone
    2/2020          CP
     3/2/2020     Egg donor cycle in Prague at Unica Clinic, 2 AA embryos, 1 transfer, 1 on ice. BFN.  Due to pandemic, we could not return to Prague and will abandon our remaining embryo.
    4/20/2020.  BFP trying on our own! 
    06/04/2020   After HBs at 7 and 9 weeks, MM at 10 weeks 3 days.  D&C, Hemorrhaged out 1 liter of blood from uterine artery rupture during procedure.     Spent 1 night in the hospital with a balloon tamponade in my uterus. Baby was mosaic Trisomy 21.
    8/2020.  Moving forward with Donor Egg cycle at Utah Fertility Center and sharing a cycle with ladypOtter (Gina) I met on the Bump who was also supposed to go to Prague but couldn't.  
    9/26/2020 Donor retrieval of 26 eggs, 24 mature.  Split cycle so I have 12 eggs with all 12 fertilizing. 6 PGS normal 3 boys, 3 girls
    10/29/2020 Transfer day of  girl donor egg embryo.     BFP! First HCG 92.9. Then inappropriate rise, plateau and falling.  Possibly ectopic pregnancy.  ER visit with diagnosis of "pregnancy location unknown". CP
    1/19/2021 Embryos shipped from Utah to my local clinic, starting prednisone for anti-histamine protocol. 
    2/26/2021 FET girl embryo BFP. Betas 62, 139, 386! HB at 6 weeks, then baby stopped growing at 8 week check up with weak HB measuring 6 weeks 4 days.  MM at 9 weeks. D&C 4/15/21
    7/13/2021 FET boy and girl embryos. First beta 10dp5dt 177, 14dp5dt 1631, 16dp5dt 6809. Pregnant with Identical triplets.  At 9 weeks, Baby C no longer had a heart beat. Identical Twin Girls.   Pregnancy complicated by TRAP Sequence with baby C an Acardiac fetus still receiving blood flow being pumped to it by other girls.  Referred to UCSF at 18 weeks for consultation.  No intervention needed at this time
    2/18/22 After a failed NST, at 34 weeks 1 day, Charlotte born 4lb 4oz and Lily born 4lbs 10 oz.  Our hearts are complete.  Baby girls in NICU to grow and learn to eat.
    History in Spoiler
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    Have you looked at private insurance
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    The cost varies depending on the clinic that you go to and if you do have coverage. 
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    wish you good luck
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    kattieprkattiepr member
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    I'm searching info for my sister. It's their first try. Unfortunately, she doesn't have fertility coverage on her insurance, so we're looking for the decision. She also thinks about taking a loan. It is written here that there are health institutions that provide interest-free payment for medical bills. But unfortunately, her credit score is low, so the interest rate will be heigh. What can be the most convenient option for her? OP, can you provide any feedback about BetterMed? How are you doing?
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    Hi, I don't have personal experience with them, but I looked them up because I was also looking for loans, and unfortunately it seems like too many people have had negative experiences according to this thread:
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    I came across this article, and they have listed a few options. Hope this helps. x
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    The thing is that government-run IVF centers are few and even if they are available then they are far between. Usually, per cycle the rates are high so yes it is debatable as to the costs involved and how really successful the process is.

    The sad part is that pregnancy treatments do not come under medical insurance so one could argue that the treatment is on the higher side. However, the good thing is that IVF centers have come up with an EMI option for people who cannot afford the costs of the treatment.

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