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August 2021 Moms

Product Spotlight: Diapers

So many things related to diapering!

Favorite disposables? Do you buy during pregnancy or are you planning a diaper raffle during your shower? Helpful hints at scoring the cheapest options? 

Cloth diapering: favorites brands, types, resources. Do you use cloth wipes? There’s so much to learn

Diapering set ups? Do you plan on a changing table or wing it in the floor? Carry along changing pads? 

Diaper pails (for cloth and disposable). Is the Genie worth the money

Wipes warmers: yay or nay? 

Add your own! 

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Re: Product Spotlight: Diapers

  • We will be cloth diapering again this time. Last time I had glowbugs and loved them but they've since gone out of business and I gave my stash away to a friend since we thought we were one and done. 

    My other friend is giving me a stash of bum genius diapers and they were another brand I really liked last time. 

    We don't have room for a change table so baby will be changed on a change pad on the bed or floor. 

    I didn't use a wipe warmer last time as we used cloth wipes with water so if we were home I'd just use warmer water on them .

    As for a diaper pail, we use an open tall laundry basket. If it's closed it ends up smelling terribly
  • Favorite disposables? We cloth diaper from birth. Tried to use disposables until his cord fell off, but DS got a horrible rash. Come to learn he has super sensitive skin like me.

    Cloth diapering: favorites brands, types, resources. Do you use cloth wipes? We use mostly alvababy pockets. I will use just about any cover or pocket I come by. I stuff with flour sack towels and bamboo/cotton mix for overnights. I follow Fluff Love University for info. We use cloth wipes I sewed myself.

    Diapering set ups? Do you plan on a changing table or wing it in the floor? Carry along changing pads? We have a changing table. It is a part of DS dresser (top opens). We still use it 50% of the time for the past 2 years. I only have a changing pad for the diaper bag.

    Diaper pails (for cloth and disposable). I totally recommend the Dekor! If using cloth, they have cloth liners too, but I would recommend getting the Dekor Plus for cloth.

    Wipes warmers: yay or nay? Nope. We use cloth wipes and I just have a stack of dry and squirt on some water from a peri bottle. 

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  • Disposable diapers over here. I love Pampers Swaddlers when they’re really little, and then don’t have much of a preference after that. I usually just buy the Target brand. I’ll try and stock up a bit, but we aren’t having a shower (third bebe), so I’m sure my stock pile will be pretty unimpressive! 

    I had a changing table thingy on top of the dresser with DD, but never used it. I just always ended up changing on the floor. We ditched it when she was a few months old and never used it with DS. 

    I’m team, “minimal baby gear,” so never did a diaper genie or a wipes warmer. Peed on diapers go in the regular trash can, and poopy diapers go immediately to the outside trash can.

    I know a lot moms who love having their diapers delivered from Amazon. They have it set up for regular shipments. I’ve never tried it, but in case someone would be interested in that method, I thought I’d share! 
  • I love Honest Co. I've heard they aren't as good for boys but they worked great for us. This time I'm going to try the Hello Bello ones because they seem similar but maybe a little cheaper and have the wetness indicator? I always ordered the shipments and that keeps it easy for us and it's a little bit cheaper. Hello Bello are specifically aiming to be affordable and are only sold at Walmart or their website. Never liked pampers or huggies, DD got rashes from those. I use the honest co wipes, and no wipe warmer. I like the Oxo wipes dispenser. I also have the Decor diaper pail and it keeps the smell contained so that works well for us. We will have a changing table/area. Too much bending down to do it on the floor for me. Changing pads are good for being out and out and about. 
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  • I've used pampers swaddlers and have had minimal blowouts and no/minimal rashes. We actually had the worst luck with the honest company ones, would get diaper rash within a day. Totally must depend on the baby/ skin sensitivity, so its probably a good idea to not be married to any one brand! We use any wipes, amazon, huggies and pampers the most. No warmer, although it would probably be helpful for sticky poops. We use desitin a lot if we see any signs of redness in the beginning. 

    We change anywhere we are. We do have a large useless vanity countertop in the bathroom and I use double stick tape to tape down a changing pad on there (super fancy). I bought a plastic trash can with a flip lid that we use because it fits under the sink (poop has to be taken out right away). 
  • If we're talking cheapest, I think most people will say Kirkland (Costco) which I believe are just Huggies. Agree it def depends on the baby!
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • I mostly cloth diaper. We use prefolds and thirsties covers almost exclusively, and have random amazon pockets (i think baby goal?) but I do not like them much. Cloth wipes are super easy to use, but otherwise we like water wipes. Much larger and thicker. No wipe warmer or dispenser. 

    We do disposable overnight and when we go out/travel (which is rarely these days) just for ease and I love pampers pure for that. She got rashes with target brand and I tried hello bello but they fit weirdly long (maybe better for skinny babies?) And I just like getting my one box of diaper on Amazon delivery once every 3 months. 
  • Favorite disposables? I used disposables with DD1 and until 5m with DD2. I really like Huggies little snugglers & little movers and Hello Bello.i will use disposables when traveling to save on luggage space. Plus if I’m not going to be somewhere with laundry I don’t want to deal with dirty diapers.

    Cloth diapering: favorites brands, types, resources. Do you use cloth wipes? We currently use a wide variety of styles and brands. I have Lighthouse Kids Co Supreme AIO (great for heavy wetters and toddlers), Lalabye Baby AI2, Thirsties pockets, Diaper Rite and Petite Crown pockets. I prefer bamboo and hemp/cotton inserts. We also use cloth swim diapers and have thirsties, Applecheeks and bumkins. I use the LKC with supreme booster at night or Thirsties hemp insert also use Diaper Rite and fold the longer insert. We use parents choice scent free and pampers pure disposable wipes and flannel cloth wipes, but thinking bamboo would be better.
    I’d like to cloth diaper at birth this time so I’m curious what works for little babies, leaning toward covers and flats. Oh and I follow a ton of Facebook groups for Information. I also store them in her dresser, I was using a diaper stacker but they’re too heavy and tore the strings🙈😅

    Diapering set ups? Do you plan on a changing table or wing it in the floor? Carry along changing pads? We have a changing table that is connected to the crib and i used it quite often with DD2, she’s getting too big now since her legs hang over. I have a changing pad for the diaper bag and a skip hop one that was gifted but doesn’t fit cloth the greatest. It has a small zipper compartment for diapers and wipes. I also have a wet bag near our toilet and a diaper sprayer to clean 💩 diapers.

    Diaper pails (for cloth and disposable). I have never used a pail but have heard good things about the dekor and just an open laundry basket. Me personally, I use a hanging wet bag with no issues.

    Wipes warmers: yay or nay? I attempted to keep pre-moistened cloth wipes in one but haven’t used it in about a year. I just keep my cloth wipes folded in the drawer below the changing table and wet as needed.
  • I used disposables until DD was 10lbs and for her regular cloth diapers. I didn’t want to shell out the money for newborn size. I plan to do the same for this one. I have mostly bum genius pockets and use bamboo inserts, though I still have the microfiber ones I think. I have a few covers, mostly Flip brand. I’m a sucker for a cute print!! I started with green mountain prefolds, but later bought bamboo inserts since they can lay against the skin, unlike microfiber. I had cloth wipes but I’m not sure if I’ll try it again. I don’t have a wipe preference. I never used a warmer

    I loved the changing table, especially for newborn phase. I put all the cloth diapers into a 31 bag on the bottom. I hate laundry but love diaper laundry strangely! I got them all out to wash them and MH said I looked like a dragon protecting my eggs, sitting and folding them. 

    I liked regular Pull Ups for potty training. No preference on diaper bags. I think I’ll get a backpack kind this time and free up my hands! Diaper bags are probably a later topic 🤪. For a diaper pail, I used wet bags for the diaper bag but a large wet bag and open air trash can for at home. Loved my BG diaper sprayer! Everyone would think it was a bidet when they came over. It was also nice for potty chairs. 

    I like Fluff Love on FB but I had to unfollow after a while because they got a bit crazy about following their advice only. I watched YouTube videos on all the different kinds of diapers when I was learning and was active in the CD group that used to be on the bump but it looks disbanded unfortunately! 
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  • @alexa_94 for newborn stage I found it best to do covers with flour sack towels! I find flats to be huge and FST still hold plenty. I bought some newborn covers off of Amazon and they looked huge on DS (he was 5lb10oz birth weight). I just pulled them out the other day since DW was trying to reorganize our storage closet and pull baby stuff more "up front". They look so tiny!

    @emmylou78 I love diaper laundry! DW thinks I'm crazy though.

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  • We used pampers swaddlers then kirkland brand for DS. DD has really sensitive skin so she's in Hello Bello which we LOVE. I plan to put this babe in HB from Day 1.
  • Is Hello Bello a Walmart or everywhere brand? I had never heard of it before. I saw it at Walmart. 
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  • edited February 2021
    We were lucky to not have to deal with any skin issues or allergies. Huggies fit DS best, so he was in those and then Kirkland diapers. (They are great!) We also used the Kirkland brand wipes. I like the texture and feel more than any other brand. 

    He had an Ubbi diaper pail which contained the smell. I’ll get another one for this baby.

    We never changed a diaper anywhere else than his changing area in top of his dresser. We have a raised house, however the living area is all on one floor (the second floor- you have to walk up stairs to our front porch.) Therefore we didn’t have to mess with stairs to access the changing area. For the same reason a diaper pail was absolutely necessary because I wasn’t going outside and down steps to throw a diaper out every change.

    Someone else mentioned diaper bags- I’m obsessed with Dagne Dover bags. I have a bunch of them and love them. I’ll prob do one of their diaper bags. I had a PBKs one for DS and it fell apart. DH got his own ‘masculine’ diaper bag that is made my ex military guys and loved it. 
  • Never heard of Hello Bello... will have to look it up.  I stuck mostly with pampers or target brand with my first kiddos but ran into occasional leaks with target brand.  My others were foster babes that I didn’t meet until they were closer to a year so the newborn size, sizes 1&2 will be new to us.  

    I have an almost 4 year old that I can’t get out of pull ups (some regression this year when she stayed at home with me instead of going to preschool, Covid) so we’re still using the Dekor we’ve been using for 5 years.  It has been great and we love that we can use regular trash bags in it and don’t need fancy bags.  I think that was the selling point for us when we got it.
  • @emmylou78 hello bello is from Kristen Bell. They sell through their website (subscription service) or through Walmart only. Price is pretty good for the whole "chlorine free etc" branding and super cute prints. 

    @surrenderdorothy I have a giant dagne dover work bag and it is SO heavy so I never use it. Hopefully their diaper bag is lighter. 

    I've had skip hop gray diaper backpack and it's been fine. Holds everything I need, gender neutral so I can make MH carry it and light/sturdy. It's not super cute though. 
  • pickle-chipspickle-chips member
    edited February 2021
    +1 for BumGenius. We used the BumGenius Freetimes and loved them. We actually got all of our stash of Facebook marketplace. We also used AMP one size pocket diapers with hemp inserts. And we have a couple of Thirsties duo wrap covers and prefolds. We liked those for home, but we would send the all-in-one styles to daycare or when we're out and about. 

    +1 for the Ubbi diaper pail. When we used with the cloth diapers we just used a wetbag in it. 

    We also use Pampers disposables and Huggies natural care sensitive baby wipes. We tried a few generic brand wipes and did not like at all. 

    For any Canadians looking for diaper cream, the President's Choice Zinc Oxide cream (not their diaper rash cream) has the highest percentage of zinc oxide in any other grocery/drugstore brands. It is sold in the baby aisles, but it's label has red writing and the diaper rash is blue. It worked a treat for us, but we were lucky and didn't run into a lot of diaper rash so we really didn't have to use it very often.

    ETA: we only used diaper cream with disposables. I think there are some cloth diaper safe balms, you can use liners(?). 
  • @pickle-chips I think it’s the green Butt Paste that’s CD friendly. CJs Butter cream is cd safe. They can’t have zinc in them
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  • bmo88bmo88 member
    edited February 2021
    We switched to cloth when DD was 6 months old and haven't looked back. I bought 80% of mine preloved so I have a variety and paid about $130 for 60 diapers. 

    I prefer AIOs (all in ones), but mostly have pockets that are stuffed. 

    Alva worked well for overnights since I added a few inserts (hemp, bamboo and flour sack towels). 

    I really liked smartbottoms and best bottoms. Kawaii isn't too bad, but runs big and wide leg holes. BumGenius elastics get stretched and give out quickly, so not a fan. 

    I bought 10 fuzzybuns newborn size to try this round, so curious to see how those go. 

    @pickle-chips I like the fit of BG, but the elastics issue was frustrating. By the time DD was 2 and finishing diapers, it wasn't as big of a deal since she had chunky thighs. But they wouldn't have fit her for the first year. Bought most of my diapers on FB marketplace as well! 
  • FTM here with a few cloth diapering questions. We want to do it, but mostly only have our parents around, talking us out of it, and they're all boomer convenience/ pro killing the world. 😅

    How many cloth diapers do you need? We have been thinking about using a diaper service instead of purchasing outright. 

    What is the #1 negative and positive (minus environmental factors) about cloth diapers, in your experience?
  • @doodlemom131
    1. Depends on age and type you get. I started in the nb stage and they go through 10-12 a day. So I used 5 covers (6-8 would be better) with about 20 flour sack towels. Which would last us about 2 days.
    As they get older/ bigger it is still recommended to change them every two hours except when sleeping, I believe DS would go through 8 or so a day until about 18 months. Now he uses 5-6 a day not including his nighttime diaper. 

    As stated above DS has super sensitive skin. I always wanted to CD, but this made it not a discussion for family. Before we started everyone had a comment about how awful it is and how I'd give up. Still going almost 2 years later.
    2. My one positive: DS never had had a blowout in cloth, but did everytime we tried a disposable.
    My one negative: I hate dealing with bm diapers once they start solids. DW was fine with cloth diapers as long as I deal with the cleaning bm diapers and diaper laundry in general. I love diaper laundry though. 

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  • @doodlemom131 it really depends on the kind of cloth diapers you get. 

    For simplicity, All in ones and pockets are usually easier. Flats and other options can be a bigger learning curve. 

    To start, you could do a few cloth and disposables. 

    If you want to get through a full week before a wash, you will need quite a few. I built up over time to about 60 total, and could go 1 week between washes. I was working full time and didn't want to wash frequently. But I started with 10 diapers to see if I liked it. That would usually only last one day since you should still change as often as disposables or at least check for wetness. 

    Pros for me: can save money (I did it for cost savings and bought a lot preloved and didn't care about cute prints). I estimate I saved about $1800 over 2.5 years. Better for the environment. Never had to worry about sizing or running out of disposables, but did need to make sure to have some clean ones available. 

    Cons: there is a learning curve to learn a good wash routine, it can feel overwhelming at first, you tote around dirty diapers in a wet bag and you need to figure out fit. 

    If you have other questions, happen to answer! 
  • 24 cloth diapers can get you through 10-12 diaper changes a day. You want to do laundry every other day. I probably have around 100 diapers because I got obsessed 🤩. There’s so many options now too. 

    I was worried it wouldn’t work and I was the only one I knew who did it back then, but now it’s so common place. I just wouldn’t discuss it with the nay-sayers while you trial it. Then when you love it, you can brag all you want! You’re going to be the one changing most of the diapers. They honestly likely have no idea how different these diapers are than the ones they’re picturing! 
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  • I did a bunch of research before DD and the math worked out that with laundry and everything it’s pretty much a wash with environmental effects and costs between the two. Especially in a state with water shortages. DW has a PhD in Environmental Studies so we considered it seriously since obviously the environment is important to her but it didn’t make sense from environmental or cost perspectives combined with our lifestyle. So I think both choices are pretty equal, more of a personal preference. Definitely can see how you would have no blowouts and leaks. The negative I hear is hard to get tight baby clothes over the cloth ones. I think people size up the clothes. Also worth considering most daycares will not deal with cloth so if baby is going to one, you will still have to use disposables. 
    Baby Birthday Ticker TickerMarried DW <3 08.2013; AI 2x; IUI 6x; IUI #7 05.2015; DD born 2.2016 o:); Reciprocal IVF FET #1 on 11.18.2020 
  • I did a bunch of research before DD and the math worked out that with laundry and everything it’s pretty much a wash with environmental effects and costs between the two. 
    This was the result of my husband’s analysis as well (he’s a scientist). But TBH poop laundry makes me gag already so I can’t imagine doing diapers. 😬

  • Cloth diapering: favorites brands, types, resources. Do you use cloth wipes? There’s so much to learn

    For newborn: prefolds (green mountain ) and thirsties covers makes up more of our newborn stash.  We also have a few fitteds and very cute all in ones (thirsties), but actually prefolds work best.
    as they get bigger I like thirsties pocket diapers, bum genius 4.0 and flip covers and inserts.  I have a few sustainablebabyish fitted diapers for overnight and also large fuzzibunz.  I’ve found that it’s actually really good to have a variety.  My 2 kids have fit diapers a little differently so even though they all work, I have different favorites for different situations.  
    I have planetwise wet bags.
    I use some cloth wipes with a little bottle of water or solution.  
    I use disposable wipes sometimes.

    Diapering set ups? Do you plan on a changing table or wing it in the floor? Carry along changing pads? 
    We have a diaper pad on a dresser for the first 2-3 months (when changes are frequent) and then they’re so mobile that I just change them on the floor or anywhere on a pad or mat.  
    Diaper pails (for cloth and disposable). Is the Genie worth the money
    i have a very random old plastic trash can with a flip lid and wet bag liner and it works perfectly well.  Cloth diapers don’t stink as badly and you don’t want them completely airtight anyway.  

    Wipes warmers: yay or nay? 

    Add your own! 

  • My sister cloth diapered both of her kids, so she has been a good resource for me. We are planning on cloth diapering, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little intimidated, even with her as a sounding board. I think all of the different options overwhelm me. She uses 90% prefolds, which I don't think very many people on here have mentioned. Has anyone tried those and can you speak to how they compare to whatever option you actually use? And I haven't seen anyone mention wool covers for overnight, so I'm curious if anyone has tried those.

    Also, I saw a woman on tiktok mention that she stores her poopy diapers in a sealed container until she can rinse them all out at once (just pee diapers were in an open-air wet bag). But as @Clobert said, I thought you didn't want to store dirty diapers in a sealed container, so I'm thoroughly confused on that technique. 
  • bmo88bmo88 member
    edited February 2021

    I have prefolds, but I only use them in covers (which is an outer shell) and pretty much treat them like an insert. 

    Prefolds require snappies  or pins and a little bit of a learning curve. You still need a cover over them, at least when they get a bit older to where they can soak through more. 

    This is a prefold and this is how I use it. 

    This is a prefold with snappies and no cover. 

    I personally only store diapers in an open air bin in our laundry bin or occasionally a wet bag. I go one week between washes. So I keep an odor eater eater near it and it does fine. 

    Never tried wool. I hear great things, but they are definitely more expensive. I use Alva pockets overnight stuffed with hemp, bamboo and a flour sack towel. Never had leaks. 
  • @shoogapoff I use 90% prefolds only and love them! My prefolds are mix of GMD and osocozy, cotton only. I used to have some bamboo/cotton mix but it was harder to dry them and my LO isn't a heavy wetter so cotton is fine. I prefer thirsties covers with velcro, but have used flip and other covers in the past. It's pretty cost effective and low learning curve. I just stack the prefolds and either pad fold (fold in 3rd long way) or just fold the front when putting the diaper on. No stuffing is a plus for me. 

    Some people save the poop diaper to spray together but I wouldn't. Thankfully my LO has nice ploppable poop so don't typically need sprayer or anything else. And in the beginning EBF poops are water soluble so no need to do anything with poop diapers other than wash. 
  • @bmo88 The pad fold is a new way that I hadn't seen them folded before. Interesting. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do you then put another prefold over, or just the cover if you pad fold it? My sister folds them like the 2nd picture you showed, with the snappies, but I don't think she usually puts anything else in the diaper. And then, of course, the cover over it. My sister does not use cloth at night, and just does disposables then, so that might be why she doesn't need to do extra?

    @hannelorre My sister also really likes thirsties covers. And she mentioned to me about EBF poops being water-soluble, which is something that made me feel like this was more do-able in the beginning when I'm still learning.

    Thanks, ladies!
  • @shoogapoff not a dumb question. I use it just like the pic. So basically like an insert and haven't had issues. It can get a little messier with poop, but not terrible. 

  • As far as centers go, a lot more are accepting of cloth diapers, so I would definitely talk to them about it, of you are looking at daycare.

    @shoogapoff I have some prefolds. I usually use them in DS nighttime diapers as they are a cotton/ bamboo mix. For that I pad fold and stick in a pocket. 
    If using with a cover, I fold them as shown above and put the cover on (no snappi). I used snappi's at first, but found them a waste of time. 
    I rinse poop off at the end of the day or at nap time. I try not to leave it, as I've heard stories of them becoming moldy if they get forgotten about. 

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  • claireloSCclaireloSC member
    edited February 2021
    Here is some research on the cost differences, which assumes laundering yourself: 
    Using a service puts the cost significantly higher than disposables from the few sites I researched.

    Here is some on environmental effects (conclusions page 35):

    As with all baby things, you should do what's best for your family.

    ETA: As for daycare, if they do allow it, they won't necessarily rinse it for you so would be good to ask a lot of questions about their policies. 
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  • I started with prefolds and covers for DD. It’s more cost friendly. I used snappies. Did the diaper fold when she was young, then later transitioned to a pad fold. It seemed bulky when they’re really little to pad fold. 
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  • bmo88bmo88 member
    edited February 2021
    @BourbonBiscuits I agree it can feel skewed in some groups. Its estimated that 90-95% of parents use disposable diapers. Which is totally fine! 

    I just want to make sure people have accurate information. It can be intimatidating and people often say "eww, that's gross" or "you have to wash poop!" that makes even more challenging for some to feel supported in having options. 

    Disposables are much more widely used and supported. Just trying to balance the picture for those who are considering options. 😊
  • @bmo88 for sure! I think cloth diapering is awesome and seriously applaud families who make that choice. I just remember feeling like "holy shit I am not going to be a good mom because I can't commit to that" with my first. 
  • I never even heard of anyone cloth diapering before I switched with DD2. I think in my last bump group there were 2 other mamas. They answered some questions when I decided to switch DD2 at 6 months. I definitely didn’t see myself doing it but DH was on board and that helped. Our families were surprisingly for it but I had one cousin being obnoxious on how gross it was. She is single and no kids so I take what she says with a grain of salt due to lack of experience she’s also 5 years younger than I am. 
    It surprises me with how many of us here have commented that we will be cloth diapering full time or part time. I also don’t judge at all, there’s no shame in choosing what works for your family and lifestyle. As long as baby is loved and cared for. Plus I still like to use disposables on occasion.
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