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Weekly Randoms 2/1


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  • @the_most_happy this looks incredible!!! So jealous.

    I simmered brisket and oxtail chili all day. It has this bitter burnt taste in it that I cannot fix or figure out. DH doesn’t taste it and said it was great but it is really unappetizing to me. 
  • @surrenderdorothy it might be the pregnancy. We had fajitas today and the chicken smelled like horse poop to me and my water smelled like fish. Yum!

    But try to add a touch of brown sugar and/or lemon juice.
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  • @doodlemom131 ewwww! How unappetizing!

    I added some lime (no lemon on hand) but will try brown sugar when we do leftovers later this week. Thanks for the suggestion. This chili recipe is something I’ve developed over the years and this is the first time I’m getting those flavor profiles so I agree, probably my super power pregnancy taste buds. 😝
  • I made DW get 7 layer dip because I needed it for the SB!
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