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  • I just remembered that Friday is a university holiday and I have a short week! We have a winter storm headed our way and we don't have winter tires yet. Thank goodness we can use my Dad's car in a pinch, but I am still in a scramble to get winter tires bought and installed ASAP. 
  • @pickle-chips Yay for a short week! We have a full day this week, then two 4-day weeks in a row. Thank GOODNESS because February is such a slog.
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  • @BourbonBiscuits for being the shortest month of the year, February really is a grind!
  • @pickle-chips We're in the middle of a big snowstorm where I live.  Supposed to get 24 inches, which is less than what they're saying for some surrounding states!  My son had a snow day today and the district is actually giving them snow days instead of making them do remote learning which I think it awesome.


  • @ladyk127 that's so nice, I've been seeing people online fearing/lamenting the loss of snow days as a general concept now that most schools are online. I'm glad it seems like a lot of places are keeping them alive! Hope you are able to stay cozy and safe as you ride out the storm.
  • When do y'all consider the start of the second trimester? I've seen different sites/sources say 12 weeks, 13 weeks, and (weirdly) 13w6d. When are you mentally like "okay, made it to 2nd tri"?
  • You could split the difference and go with 13w3d (40 weeks divided by 3) 😂. The inconsistency is annoying! The Bump app goes with 14 weeks and my Femometer app says 13 weeks. I definitely thought it was 12 weeks in my first pregnancy, but my doc goes with the end of 12 weeks... aka 13 weeks 🙃
  • @the_most_happy With my son I considered myself second tri at 12 weeks because that was when I read that the risk of miscarriage went down significantly.  It wasn't until my later pregnancies that I even realized second tri didnt start until later (according to some).  I don't consider myself second tri until 14 weeks now just to be conservative.


  • I always thought 13 too! 14 was news to me. 
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  • Is anyone else watching the Bachelor? Or am I alone on the hot mess express? 
  • My H keeps moving the goal post with telling. Originally we planned for Valentine’s weekend. Now he’s saying maybe that weekend. I’m going to lose it if he keeps trying to change the plan. 
  • MH told me I was eating like a hobbit when I joked one day that I could be ready for second breakfast. Apparently it’s a Lord of the Rings reference. 

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  • @pickle-chips ohhh yeah I'm watching the bachelor. It's bananas. 
  • @pickle_chips @BourbonBiscuits I'm so into it. That and Master Chef and Big Brother. 

    Unrelated: I finally fixed my new rower and did a few minutes on it. My back hurts a touch but I didn't stretch before or after so that's probably why.
    BUT those 5 minutes of serotonin got my butt in gear and I took down the outside Christmas lights! (They haven't been on since Dec 24th but still).
  • @doodlemom131 our neighbours still have their decorations out, but they're completely broken and blown over. They are those LED deer yard figures. One of them is completely lying on the ground and the other deer's antlers have broken off and it's leaning against a bush. They've been in disarray since mid December at least. Half the time they are covered in snow. I don't know why the neighbours even bother putting them out. 

    Is this week dragging for anyone else? Even though it's a short week AND we had a snow day, I feel like the week started 25 million years ago. 
  • Any recs for good, gentle-ish prenatal workouts? I'm thinking of starting with very short yoga stuff. I'm not an exerciser by nature, but always try to up my activity in the winter to avoid the winter blues. I just feel like I need to do *something* to move my body other than walking around school all day long. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits do you have any equipment? I am doing a short 30 minutes on a stationary bike daily but you can get a stand to do it on a real bike. 
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  • @emmylou78 Haaaaaaaaaaa! He nailed it. I am in full hobbit, myself.

    @claireloSC So glad DS is covid-free. ❤❤❤
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  • @BourbonBiscuits I’m sure there is some prenatal yoga classes on YouTube! Also Peloton does a trial for the app so you could check that out. They have a prenatal series. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits i've been doing the melissa wood health prenatal videos and some of the beginner videos, it's pretty much pilates and some yoga inspired moves. my heart rate stays pretty moderate but it's still challenging for sure, even though they don't look like much! it's like $9.99 a month but you can do a trial to see if you like it https://melissawoodhealth.com/
  • A lot of friends like “yoga with Adrienne” on prime for gentle yoga @BourbonBiscuits
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  • @claireloSC I have weights and a yoga mat? Lol super not athletic over here. But I want to be! I've done Yoga with Adrienne before and love her, so maybe I'll check there.

    @surrenderdorothy the peloton app has other things aside from the bike, right? My H is in a raffle through work to win a peloton bike and a year subscription and we're both hoping he'll win (which is ... ridiculous. He's not going to win)

    @cocoliso13 I've never heard of Melissa Wood! I think of myself as a pilates/yoga person though so may be worth a shot
  • @BourbonBiscuits Yes, the Peloton app has a lot more stuff than just the bike classes.  There are running classes, strength, boot camps, yoga, barre (my favorite) and a lot of different instructors to choose from.  I love my Peloton, I hope you guys win one!!!!


  • Ultrasound question! So, I'm kind of bummed that my H has not and probably will not be allowed to come to any of my ultrasounds due to my doctor's COVID policy. I was thinking about going to a local private ultrasound place, just to be able to have that experience at least once with him, but I know technically that is not recommended by ACOG. I was trying to look into why exactly that is, and I'm getting some potentially conflicting info. A lot of sites say something like "studies about the safety of ultrasounds have mixed results," but then follow up and say there is "no known risk"... those are not the same thing!

    Basically I'd like to know if there are any legit studies that indicate any kind of actual risk, or if it's one of those "we can't 100% prove it's totally safe, so better not"-type things (a huge pet peeve of mine with pregnancy stuff, btw). Have any of your looked into this yourselves and found anything useful, either way? Anyone else gotten a "for fun" ultrasound, or just struggling with your SO missing out on this stuff?
  • @the_most_happy no knowledge about private ultrasounds, but your office *should* let H come to the anatomy scan at the very least! I would also ask if you can facetime him while having the ultrasound. Every time I go in they ask if I want to facetime H, even though there are signs everywhere saying you can't have your phone out to record anything. Might be worth asking!
  • @BourbonBiscuits I asked specifically about the anatomy scan and they said no! I'd imagine there's a chance that COVID numbers get better between now and April and maybe their policy will change, but as of right now my doc said she didn't foresee it being allowed at that time. FaceTime is a good idea, but I feel annoyed at the prospect of him having to take time off work just to do that... I'll definitely ask about it next time though.
  • @the_most_happy I don't have a study to share but I had a bajillion ultrasounds with my first and was told it was totally fine/no risk. Especially just one extra one. My new doc just reiterated that as well in passing.
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  • @the_most_happy I can’t point to a specific study, but my understanding is that ultrasounds are considered safe and there are no known risks (but kind of like keeping pregnant women OUT of the vaccine studies, doctors/scientists don’t want to specifically expose fetuses to potential risks for the purpose of a study. Again, key point is that there is no known risk). The only specific thing that I have read that doctors are worried about is if the “untrained” ultrasound techs at private locations provide you with inaccurate information. But if you’re just going for the purposes of experience seeing the baby with your husband in the room, you are not expecting any medical advice or diagnostics from them then there is no problem! 

    And like @claireloSC said many women have many ultrasounds over the course of their pregnancies. My last pregnancy I had two SCH bleeds at 13 weeks and I had to have two extra ultrasounds. Obviously they were concerned about the SCH, but there was never any questions about how many ultrasounds have you had already? You can’t go over X amount! Or you’ve reached max ultrasound limit!

    Also, also, we are going for a sneak peek private ultrasound between 12-13 weeks. So this was something I was thinking about to. 
  • @the_most_happy no data to add, all great info above, and I hope you and DH decide to get a private US done because they are so much fun! 
  • @the_most_happy agreeing with above. I think it used to be a big no-go years ago as ultrasounds were not as advanced. Like others, I had many ultrasounds (at least 15) in my last pregnancy. I don't think one extra ultrasound would be cause for concern.

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    We had tickets tonight to a drive through seasonal thing. It opened at 5, we showed up at 530, and the line was already miles long to pull in. We waiting for 10 mins to see how fast it was moving but after barely crawling we ditched it completely. I’m really bummed we missed out but couldn’t imagine waiting for 3 hours in a line of traffic for a 30 min drive through experience... with a 3 year old. There aren’t enough snacks or iPad batteries in the world that could make that enjoyable. 
  • @surrenderdorothy that's a bummer!
    We don't have anything like that where I am but they did a drive through thing in Vancouver in the summer and it was much like that. A super long wait for 30 mins. Doesn't seem worth it. 

  • Is anyone making tasty snacks tonight/watching the Super Bowl?! This afternoon I was craving queso and donuts (not together), but now I’m queasy and have zero appetite. 😩
  • Yesssss, I almost bailed on my snack plans because I was feeling blah and lazy this morning, but I had an afternoon surge of energy and went for it! Pic of my cheese board with homemade pretzels in spoiler.

  • That looks amazing! And those pretzels 🤩 I’m impressed!
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