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GTKY Monday 01/11

There are always things that urk us, get under our skin or push our buttons. What are your top 5 pet peeves you can’t stand? 

Re: GTKY Monday 01/11

  • Everything ever? 😆

    This is weird but I can’t stand being around people who have a cold or flu and act super sickly. I don’t mean Covid. I mean MH gets the sniffles and is just the most annoying person ever. 
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    1. People who make loud eating sounds. Crunching, sure, that can't be helped. I'm talking about the wet sounds of food being swished around your mouth...blech
    2. People who talk in circles. Just get to the point!
    3. Disrespectful/snobby people. I DGAF who you are, there's no reason to not treat others with basic respect
    4. Dishonesty and insincerity
    5. Drama. Unless it's specifically for entertainment, I just don't care and don't have the time

  • 1) Wearing mismatched socks
    2) Wearing socks with sandals 
    3) People who lick their fingers while sharing food with someone else
    4) When people don’t cover their mouths while coughing or cough into their hand and then touch something 
    5) People who are know-it-alls and/or one-uppers
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  • This is a good one! I have to think about mine 

    @Maggie1202 your #5 has me cracking up- I feel that way about know-it-alls, but I am one!! In my defense, I am an intensely curious person with a master's degree in research so as soon as I hear about something that piques my curiosity I'm full steam ahead lol. 
  • @akoros I love my little puppy with all my heart, but she makes the most disgusting mouth noises! I hate chewing sounds too!!

    @MelissaMay82 Ugh I love mismatched socks! As long as they are the same sock style (ankle sock, same height tube sock, etc)

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  • @_orchid_ I am the SAME WAY! I am totally a know-it-all about things that interest me, but if someone else is a know-it-all, it drives me nuts! Especially when I don't care about the topic!

    Me: 32 years old
    DH: 33 years old
    Married in May 16, 2015
         TTC #1 (on and off) since September 2015
    DS1 Due 6.7.2021
  • @Maggie1202 two big subjects that come up a lot that I know 0% about are gravity/black holes and body systems like respiration/circulation. I'm pretty sure knowing anything more than the basic about those would give be major anxiety about what could go wrong. I prefer to think those things are just magic LOL
  • Oh man I got sooo many but here are my top 5 lol 

    1) People who are bad drivers or don’t use their turn signal when driving
    2) People who post an item for sale on Craigslist or marketplace and then don’t answer you when you message them cause you want to buy it. Like wtf? Do you want the money or not? Lol why bother posting an add if your not going to answer??
    3) People with no manners, chew loud or with mouth open, slurp food, burp etc
    4) People who try to cut/budge in front of you in a line up. Like excuse me Gina!? Are you for real? Uh uh. 😆
    5) People who walk really slow on sidewalks or shuffle when they walk. Like dude! Pick up your feet 
  • Goodness! There are so many 🙃:

    1. Using 'defiantly' instead of 'definitely' and other incorrect word choices.

    2. People who can't admit when they are wrong. 

    3. When you've been thinking about one food item all day and are finally able to get it only to find out someone else has eaten it. 

    4. When I ask my husband if he can do something and he agrees then never does it. 

    5. My husband's family with the exception of one or two people. 
  • 1. Old people in the grocery store. When you’re shopping with 3 kids and need to get in and get out and they take up the whole aisles, walk really slow and you can’t get around them, and glare at you if you are anywhere in their way

    2. People who think and act like they are better than you

    3. fans of the sports teams I dislike

    4.  My husbands family 😂

    5. people at work who think they are the boss or manager when they are just another employee like yourself 
  • @dogmom5 your #4 made me laugh 😆 
  • @rvamom90 omg your #3 for sure!! MH does this to me all the time!  I’ll buy myself a treat or have leftovers in the fridge, come home from work to eat it and he’ll have eaten it.  I will suffocate you in your sleep a hole!! 

  • @rvamom90 @sgrn18 this was my husband eating my thin mints last night.....🙄
  • _orchid__orchid_ member
    edited January 2021
    1. People who are rude to service industry employees. 
    2. On the flipside of @mindyb2019, people who say they are coming asap to get something that I posted on FB marketplace and then ghost me. Look Sarah, do you want this damn griddle for $5 or not?? 
    3. People who don't wear masks correctly (so 2020). We are 10 months into this, you obviously tried bc the mask is covering your mouth but your nose is hanging out. WTF. 
    4. People who say they have something covered and then don't. 
    5. My neighbor's leaf guy who blows all their leaves into our yard for us to deal with. 
  • 1. People who think they are above the rules.  We have a friend who is always the 'squeaky wheel' and then gets what she wants because she's so annoying.  It drives me nuts.  

    2. Using literally or ironically incorrectly. 

    3. Social media overposters - I don't need to see every meme you think is funny, dad.

    4. When a grocery store check out person comments on my purchases.  I don't know why this bothers me but I don't want to talk about my produce.  I'm a friendly person but .  

    5. People who are late all the time.  It's so disrespectful of my time.  
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  • @laurad75 Yeah, my mom and I have a completely different bar when it comes what we share. I need to feel strongly about it, whereas I think hers is just, "*tiny chuckle* Share!".

    Another one for me is those who go in depth about "I'm taking a break from social media" and then have a big "I'm back!!!!!!" announcement. I don't care why you're not posting as much, and barely noticed you were gone
  • @laurad75 omg good call about the grocery store clerk!! I bought double stuff Oreos this summer and the grocery guy told me they looked gross- I was like dude WTF THEY ARE DELICIOUS
  • I have hiking pet peeves 

    1. Listening to music on speakers. I don’t want to listen to your music, get headphones.
    2. Talking on the phone. It comes across as yelling. So you’re walking around in the quiet,  peaceful woods, yelling. It’s so obnoxious.
    3. Massive groups. They take forever to pass and are usually really loud. Can you tell I like being in the quiet of nature 🤣
    4. Groups that won’t let you pass. Move over, Bob and family, you’re ascending this hill at a snail’s pace! 
    5. People who don’t follow the rules of the park. My favorite close to my house nature preserve doesn’t allow dogs on the trails. There are signs at every trail entrance, don’t act like you didn’t see them. 
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  • @Omie_Wise Ugh, totally agree on #1 and 2 (ok, all of them). But really, you're out in nature, *why* are you blasting music or talking on the phone?? The whole point is to disconnect! I suppose for urban/suburban trails I can give a pass on listening to music since it may be a regular workout for you, but use your d**n headphones
  • 1) antimaskers - I will not apologize for this in a pandemic
    2) science deniers
    3) I too am over the man cold
    4) people who let their toothpaste tube get all disgusting 
    5) a lot of things my mother does. It’s likely vestige from my time as a teenager 😂 
  • Oh man this is a hard one!!

    @Maggie1202 my MIL always says irregardless and it drives me insane! But it was recently added to the dictionary as a real word which drives me more insane. 

    I’m going to say (in no particular order)
    - socks with sandals 
    - loud mouth chewers / gum smackers 
    - people who are always late / being late myself 
    - anti-vaxxers (sorry if this is any of you, I don’t want to start a debate) 
    - anyone who pushes their beliefs / feeling down my throat. Have your own opinion, live your life, do what’s best for your and your family but know it might not be best for me/mine. 
  • @laurad75 @_orchid_ the other day I went to target to buy a wok for some stir fry we made. The young cashier was like “wow! That is a big pan! What are you going to make it that? Do you have a big stove?!” Lol. 
  • @akoros that’s a good one 😂 I was kind to the cashier but in my mind I was need to learn these things! She was a young high school or college student though. 
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