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Thoughts about our future? (Moving platforms)


Re: Thoughts about our future? (Moving platforms)

  • again willing to go where the group goes, but my feelings definitely resonate with @texas_t here about feeling more personal on FB which is what i have always looked for with you group of gals
  • I'm definitely more on the Facebook wagon for all the above reasons. What would Reddit bring that we don't have here?
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  • yellingbananayellingbanana member
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    I feel the same as @brynn_mamaof4 about social media. Although I do have an Instagram account that I occasionally use. But Facebook is a big no in our home. Which is why I hope that we could stay on here until the babies are born, so we could stick together through pregnancy at least. 

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  • @texas_t I agree about facebook. I do feel it does become more personal and I've made true friends from my last BMB...I would hope to do the same with this one. I honestly don't even know what Reddit is 😳...I'm willing to try it but I do like the personal connection of FB and if reddit is still pretty annonymous, I agree.with @mimser, why wouldn't we just stay here?
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  • I would hope we could Atleast stay here until babies are born as well for those of us who don’t use Facebook 
  • I would be fine moving after. I think we started moving before last time but we all posted birth stories on the bump and stayed active until all the babies were out.
  • yellingbananayellingbanana member
    edited January 2021
    @mimser the only thing Reddit brings is privacy. On here, anyone can come and read comments and look at pictures. Though I don’t really care because they can’t see my name on here. 
    But I do understand the want for Facebook, even if I don’t personally use it. 

    And yes, all of my other bump groups didn’t make the move until after the babies were born. I do still keep in touch with a handful of ladies from my December 16 group, mostly through Instagram. About 1/3 of them deleted their Facebook accounts altogether a few months after the babies were born, for a multitude of reasons. 

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  • Gonna be honest, Facebook would well integrate with my habits and reddit would probably not work for me. It's hard enough for me to remember to come here. But I know I've not been the best participant, partly because my O16 group on Facebook is so active. I don't want to miss out on getting to know this group of awesome ladies just because my other group happened to be awesome first, but I'll totally understand if what works for the majority here isn't what works for me.

  • @asf0613 Well, I had no idea this existed, lol! 
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  • @asf0613 and @texas_t. Whaaaaaat?! That’s awesome. I had no idea... 

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  • But how do we actually create a private group? I poked around and couldn’t find a way. And when I stalked a few other BMBs convos about their transition, it sounds like the bump might be sunsetting this? So if someone figures it out, LMK!
  • mimsermimser member
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    Here's a screenshot of the convo on my previous BMB as they also were planning to do a private group, but they ended up going straight to FB because of the below in spoiler

    Edit: we can obviously still try!!
  • I shot [email protected] an email, so we'll see!
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  • Thanks for handling @texas_t !! I didn’t mean to drop that info and go MIA lol

    hopefully we can figure out a way to get that up and running. I’d be open to transitioning there sooner rather than later and then we can always discuss future plans for beyond birth as we get closer
  • @asf0613 Oh, no prob! And I agree completely about moving there ASAP!
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  • I’m on board for moving platforms. 

    The following is jumping ahead completely but I wanted to throw my opinion in for if/when it does happen. 
    I think when we do it since we are so small, would we have to keep the Bump’s posting rules? 
    In my May 2012 group, people just post and I feel like I’ve gotten to know the ladies more. In my April 2017 group, they have kept to the posting rules and I struggle keeping up with the conversations because they get hidden in the randoms post. No one posts individually in that group and Facebook’s search option is not friendly with posts that have 800 comments. This is just my two cents and I understand if I am in the minority. This will be baby #3 at home for me and I am afraid I’ll quickly lose track of everything that is happening. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • This is my first BMB so I just assumed if we leave the bump we do what we want. Obviously we would have guidelines like any group, but that would just be a formality because, like it's been said before, this is a really respectful group. And the point is to get to know people and support them. If a bump rule wasn't conducive to that then I would assume we would ignore it. My two cents. 
  • In my other bump group we have randoms where most stuff happens, special threads that happen weekly like meal plans, special threads for special things like "first birthday party planning" etc. People sometimes make a special post for a gtky type thing (which of these restaurants could you never go to again) or special announcements. I really like having a randoms post; there are so many thoughts that I would never want to bother sharing in its own special post that I don't mind shoving into randoms... and likewise, I'd get annoyed if someone made their own separate post to mention mundane little things, but in randoms it's not out of place or annoying.

  • related, did we ever do a member spreadsheet in this BMB? i vaguely remember it but cannot find in our threads
  • @texas_t did the bump ever get back to you about creating a private group?

     I was just playing around with it on the app and I THINK I just created one?  I made it private but searchable so if anyone sees it pop up let me know. Maybe we get this ball rolling??
  • I think I just requested to join. In the app, I went to community, then scrolled down to ‘groups’, and once I clicked it - it had ‘new groups’ listed. The May 2021 Moms was the first group on there! I clicked, then ‘join group’ and wrote a short message. So we will see if it works! 

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  • @asf0613 I requested to join

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  • I also requested to join
  • @asf0613 Who approves the group members? 
    I sent a request as well. 
  • @asf0613 Oooo, I didn't even think about the app.  No response from the bump yet, but yay! I'm about to request to join too!

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  • I’ve sent a request to join too. 
  • hi there
    i accepted those that applied in accordance with our prelim list above.  because i created it i think i am owner, but i am researching now to see if we can edit.  i think the only privilege i have is approving members and that we should all be able to post.  looking into it now!!!
  • update: it looks like i can assign "leaders" which i assume is the same as admins.
    so we can open up that discussion to assign.
    FWIW, i didnt want to assume the role, it just automatically made me one because i created the group lol
  • so i guess the things we need to address and decide on are:

    -Admins (how many and who? ---any volunteers?)
    -When to officially switch (starting with Monday checkins? sooner? later?)
    -Ideas for "re-introductions" (new spreadsheet? new intro thread? etc?)
    -Any rules we want to self implement?
    -Anything else?
  • @asf0613 I think we will need to tag some of the members that are less active.
     Maybe we can give quick instructions at the top of each main post so that everyone can see what is going on. 
    I can’t wait to actually share more pictures though! 

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  • good idea @yellingbanana
    was thinking of maybe also starting a new thread here alerting everyone (in the event they werent following the "thoughts about our future" thread
  • I just requested to join--still not sure how you were able to figure out how to create a group 😆
    For anyone having issues trying to join, you might have to try a different device. I tried on my ipad at first and couldn't join, but I *think* I was able to join when I used the app on my phone
  • @nsk489 unsure how i did it also--i saw a button to create group and was like hmmm it cant be that easy?
    but i guess it was!
  • I can't ever find the community link on the app, I had to use the mobile browser on my phone, which transferred me to the app. So confusing, but worked. 
  • Just requested to join!
  • @littlelibelula its a pain to find.  from home, hit the menu button on top left, hit the "+" sign next to pregnancy (dont hit the word, just the + sign) and scrollall the way down to community.

    it should list the May BMB right on top for you.  for groups, scroll down to bottom :)
  • @asf0613 I should've asked earlier. Thank you. 
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