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Toddler sleeps ON me

Hi, Everyone! My 26 month old son insists on sleeping ON me, HELP! Backstory: we paid for a sleep trainer at 6 months, but it never worked, as rigid to the program as I followed. In the end, after the program expired (and two additional weeks provided out of her generosity), the trainer said I had a “difficult” baby. So, I gave up. After a few more months, a lot more ear infections, and a tubal surgery, my son started sleeping better at 1 1/2 but with a lot of help.

He is now over two and sleeps in our bed. He will wake up numerous times throughout the night, starting at 9:30pm and need to lay on me. Once I’m in bed sleeping, he literally sleeps on me the whole time and will not settle unless so. He is at the age where he can cry, and protest with words, and I don’t know how to fix it. I am skeptical of sleep trainers at this point, and need genuine advice. Thank you!!
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