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Recurrent pregnancy loss- what info do I NEED?

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Hi there. 

I'm currently having my third miscarriage. Tomorrow I'm getting a d&c. Other than genetic information about the baby, what other info/testing should I ask for to help my ttc journey. I'm now in the recurrent pregnancy loss category and want to try and prevent this from happening again. 

Re: Recurrent pregnancy loss- what info do I NEED?

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    @ThePax89 I'm very sorry for your losses.  RPL is a hard road to travel.  (I've had 5 losses, and no living children myself). 

    You should ask for a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist!  There are a whole slew of tests that they will do for a RPL panel of testing.  It is VERY important that you find and go to an RE and do NOT do the tests through your OB!  If you do them through the OB, thinking it is easier now, they are VERY limited in what testing they can do and the monitoring they can offer, and eventually you will probably need to go to an RE anyway, and they will require you to re-do basically all of the testing you've already done.  And in many cases if your insurance only covers the cost once, you will be stuck with the entire bill from the second set from the specialist.

    Usually there's a panel of bloodwork that needs done, they will check your follicles, blow out your tubes to ensure they're working correctly, check your uterine wall/shape, progesterone levels, Factor V Leiden Miscarriage test, etc.  It's a LOT and a process for sure.

    Also, remember that approximately 50% of us who go for RPL testing, never get an explanation as to why.  (5 MC and a TON of tests later, I'm still in the unexplained category)  However, I would still encourage it as I felt better knowing that I wasn't losing babies for something that could be easily preventable or known reason that I could attempt to do something about.  

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    @capnjackharkness thank you for sharing. I'm so sorry to hear this. Testing is wise. Thank you for recommending this through an RE. Praying for you. 
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