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  • @sparks31211 - I have an anterior placenta. I’m 21 weeks today and still no movement. My midwife said I might not feel movement until week 23/24.
  • Anyone have experience being stung by a bee while pregnant or have thoughts on that? This little fucker.

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  • Oh no @grogu! I'm sorry to hear that! 
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  • @doodlemom131, stay calm and don’t talk a lot since it can attract bees to your face. That’s a honeybee, so I personally wouldn’t worry about getting stung. I may be crazy though- I was intent to start my own beehive this year and really didn’t decide not to until a few weeks ago.  That’s when I realized that I’d have to be covered up in June/July going in hives when I’m already carrying baby weight that'll make me even more warm and I already tend to run hot.  I’ve been waiting, one more year is just one more year.  

    That little lady wouldn’t sting unless provoked because they die when they sting.  Use a credit card edge to scrape the stinger out, and if you can see it, the attached gland that pulsates.  When I’ve been working in others hives, I’ve been told they make a banana like smell when there’s a lot of them but I can’t ever smell it.  If you’re not allergic to honeybees it’ll remain something localized but can swell a fairly large area compared to their body size for a few days.  Benadryl cream can help.  I would expect it’s only a problem when you have an all over your body reaction, but could be wrong. 

    Anecdotally: My mom said she was stung by a yellow jacket on her foot when she was pregnant with my sister.   My sister has a birthmark in the same spot my mom was stung at. 

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  • @loloyoyo26 wow thanks for all the info! She did sting me. They were landing on us like crazy, there aren't any flowers out yet and the hive had just been delivered today. I think they were out of sorts. Landed on my neck and I think it got caught up in my hair/coat so it stung. I smacked it before I realized what happened.

    Glad to say I'm not dealthy allergic. The swelling is mostly gone, I did have a little lip tingle, but that went away after about an hour.

    I can't wait to see if babe has a birthmark 😄
  • Anyone else feel a vibrating sensation in their bellies? 
  • In awe of all you bee keepers and enthusiasts! I am deathly allergic, so while I admire bees, I am staying far far away!
  • @doodlemom131, that makes sense then with being moved and riled up.  Moving is disorienting for them.  Am I right in guessing they are being placed at the vineyard for pollination? 

    I’m not super knowledgeable with more commercial aspects of beekeeping but Im guessing they may place them prior to no blooms so they are properly oriented to hive placement when the blooms do come out?

    @ladyk127, I don’t watch a lot of videos but I definitely know so long time beekeepers that do those same things.  I’m not quite that brave yet.  I still wear at least a long sleeve shirt, sometimes gloves depending on whether or not they’re feisty, and a veil. 
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  • @loloyoyo26 the vines actually self pollinate, but some vineyards tend to invite hives to promote biodiversity. These hives were at the farm next door, which I believe grows broccoli primarily. 

    @ladyk127 in my googling I actually found a pregnant beekeeper who took her maternity photos with 2000 bees on her stomach 😶

  • Any tips for sciatica? I’m already stretching, resting, and taking a bath and using Tylenol when it gets really bad at the end of the day. I’m hoping to get in with a chiro tomorrow as well. Anything else I can do? The pain is so bad by the end of the day I’m having issues sleeping and it radiates down my leg and arm. 😫
  • @surrenderdorothy I went to an Arthritis clinic on my PTs recommendation and got an SI belt that relieves pressure on my lower back and is literally magic. It was something similar to this, if you google SI belt. Ask your chiro about it. It cost about $150 CAD but if I get a prescription from my doc can be covered by insurance. 

  • @surrenderdorothy i had terrible radicular back pain with my second, so with this one i've been going to the chiro since 16 weeks or so. it helps, the pain is definitely less for some days. She said that some of the belts can cause increased weakness (like wearing a brace on your knee), but we didn't discuss them too much and she did say there are different types, some better than others. Ive also been trying to stay as active as possible, workouts, foam roller since the beginning, I don't know if its made a difference but it helps the muscles stay stronger longer, I guess. Did you mean your arm? That would be something different.
  • Thanks @doodlemom131 and @litzi-2. I already contacted chiro that specializes in maternity adjustments and am waiting for an appointment so hopefully that helps. I will inquire about the belts during my appointment. @litzi-2 im also still working out regularly which I need for my sanity but think it may be aggravating my lower back nerve pain... I am not sure what I am going to do about that. 
  • @surrenderdorothy i hear you on the workouts aggravating the pain. i have modified a lot. right now i'm doing the obe prenatal workouts and beachbody barre blend workouts (with modifications). sometimes if the back is really bad i just lay on my side and do some leg exercises. better than nothing? i'm definitely not in the running miles camp. i have to have to have zero impact.
  • @litzi-2 oh I hadn't thought of weakened muscles. I do have quite a few core/back exercises from her that I'm doing so hopefully it balances out. I'll definitely keep tabs on how I'm feeling. Thanks for the tip
  • Hi all! I just had my 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and all is well 🥳 however, my stomach is insanely sore 😣 it almost feels black and blue. The tech definitely had to push hard on a few spots to get the right images, but I didn’t think it hurt that much during the process, and definitely didn’t think it would be this sore a day later 😳 anyone else experience this after their anatomy scan? 
  • @kam174 i had mine yesterday and worked after and i was definitely feeling uncomfortable. today is better tho.
  • Ahh! I had no idea- Thank you for that information! My husband had planted two grapevines side by side in our yard before he met me thinking he needed two to pollinate- I’ll have to share my new knowledge.  That makes sense with biodiversity plus bees tend to indicate less pests insect wise and m  I had fennel last year that had all these different insects on it so it was cool to see from a slight distance.  Now this year I feel like our fruit trees have had more blooms than they did last year. 

    I don’t think I’m brave enough to do something like the bee photo shoot, pregnant or not.  

    I love my chiropractor!  It has made a huge difference this pregnancy.  Last pregnancy, I had to go to low/no impact but monthly appointments have me still teaching my weekly group fitness class (granted I do have to modify my class plans some). I have also really been making sure to do exercises for my transverse abdominis and pelvic floor after taking a prenatal fitness course for instructor recertification credits.  To engage TA, imagine pulling your belly button back to your spine and also up. You can do this standing or on all fours, it relieves low back pressure.  To engage the pelvic floor, start with kegel action- the class took it one step farther by instructing to imagine contracting the muscles in different levels like an elevator so that you keep strength to support big belly, but are aware enough to be able to relax when you labor.  Pelvic tilts (in a pain free range) standing or on all fours can also help to relieve pressure.  Tuck your tailbone under for a pelvic tilt.  I’m planning on using it as a laboring position so I’m also practice getting my body into yogic squats- they also make my back feel better but my issue is regaining movement I lost from knee surgery 2 years ago. I have to use my hands to get all the way down or stack yoga blocks under my butt. 

    I sometimes get sciatic pain while walking- pulling my abs in, slowing my pace a little, and concentrating on flexing my butt muscles on the planted foot side as I push off the ground helps in my case. 
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  • I just went and saw a chiro today, it definitely helped for a few hours but my back is up to it's old tricks this evening. My issue is that I have a bad knee, so my muscles are weak on one side and aren't giving my back proper support. But hopefully going consistently will help. Hope you feel better soon @surrenderdorothy!
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  • What are your thoughts on non-alcoholic beers during pregnancy?
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  • I had one last week. I was also driving and am supposed to have a BAC of 0. I didn't realize this one was .5%. I probably wouldn't have more than one or 2, but also am of the opinion that half a glass of wine or beer is fine.
  • @claireloSC, found this still sitting as a draft when looking at your new post; that stinks and I do hope regular chiro appointments help! I’ve been seeing mine for awhile, and resumed when safe after knee surgery.  She helped me figure out exercises to get around the hang ups my body was having with recovery.

    I personally wouldn’t partake in non-alcoholic beers but it’s more that I don’t usually drink beer anymore anyway than having a problem with it.  Even prior to pregnancy my wine and hard liquor intake was super low so giving it up wasn’t really a “sacrifice”.  In short, I don’t see it as a problem, especially if you are drinking in moderation.  
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  • Favorite antacids? I’ve been doing Tums gummies but I’m not sure they’re cutting it. I don’t love the generic chalky ones, which I have thanks to MH. 🤣
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  • @emmylou78 I really like the Alka-Seltzer heartburn relief chews. They are fruit flavored and not chalky at all. 
  • @mrspants0809. I ordered these to try out! Thanks! 
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  • What are your thoughts on non-alcoholic beers during pregnancy?
    I’ve actually really enjoyed NA beers this pregnancy. They really satiate my hop/carbonation craving. I just make sure there isn’t any alcohol as some have very low alcohol content. My current favorite for the Pilsner taste is Becker’s NA. I had a fantastic one at a German restaurant last week and our local beer shop is ordering it for me. I’ll report back once I have it. I cannot remember the name. 

    I was not a huge fan of Athletic Brewing Company. (They did a huge ad push during dry January and I bit.) I think the beers that try to do a more craft style just taste flat and low bodied. I can definitely taste that they are NA whereas some of the Pilsner styles taste pretty close to the real thing. 
  • @emmylou78 I actually use papya enzyme and love it. I'm planning on keeping that as my go-to antacid even after pregnancy. It works really well, and I actually like the taste. 
  • I really love the berry flavored chalky tums.  They work well for me, but I don’t have severe heartburn.
    sometimes I also drink soy milk or almond milk in the evenings.  The calcium in there (that’s what’s in tums) soothes the little bit of heartburn I get at night.  (I think cows milk might cause more heartburn so I think that wouldn’t work as well). 
  • @surrenderdorothy
    I don't like Athletic either! My wife (who doesn't drink) does though. I love the IPA NA from Lagunitas, but it does have .05% and I belatedly realized I probably shouldn't be drinking them, but also feels kinda harmless to have 1. I know any US doctor would say none is the only right amount, so was curious as to others risk tolerance. I feel kinda bad. They definitely satiate my craving for beer but obviously I don't want to hurt LO.
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  • Looking for recs on maternity/nursing friendly pajamas sets, Preferably shorts. I have a trips coming up in May and June and also want some for after the baby arrives and we have family here to help. I looked at Kindered Bravely- anyone have experience with the quality?
  • We’re planning a beach trip this June so I’ll be about 32 weeks. We were thinking of bringing the bike trailer for my kids so my husband could bike them from the house to the beach or just around the town probably 1/2 mile-2 mile rides tops.    I haven’t  been biking and I doubt I could even if I felt safe because I have a road bike.  But I was thinking maybe it would be ok to rent one of those upright step through cruiser bikes? I don’t know if I’ll have the energy but does that seem safe to do in pregnancy in general? 
  • @Clobert I went for a 2-3 mile bike ride with my kids on my road bike at about 21 weeks. It was definitely not comfortable, and I was sore in strange places afterwards. I won't be using that bike again this pregnancy.

    That said, we are also planning a trip in June and the hotel where we will be staying offers beach cruisers. We're planning on renting them and riding the bike path into town. I think it should be more comfortable than what I experienced before, and I feel safe riding on a bike path away from traffic. Have a great trip! 
  • @coastalmomma3 thanks!  Yeah I think it feels much safer than riding on the city streets around my house and there’s no way I’m getting my leg up and over that thing, lol.

    i have had a lot of hip and pelvis pain in my 3rd pregnancy so I hope it’s not too uncomfortable.  Hopefully I can keep up with my Husband if I weigh him down with 2 kids in a trailer.  

  • @surrenderdorothy I got some decent sets on Amazon and one cute set from Old Navy.  
    Between breast milk, spit up and ointment they look pretty rough now 😂
  • Any recommendations for maternity swimsuits? Last pregnancy I bought one at Target and the elastic was worn out well before I delivered. 
  • @Clobert, I have a hybrid bike that sits up a like a beach cruiser. I specifically asked my OB about it because we go on a lot of bike rides during the summer. She said she was fine with it as long as I wasn't feeling dizzy or going at high speeds. She said "cruising" around was fine. 
    @coastalmomma3, this bathing suit has been talked about a TON in one of my mom groups:;keywords=maternity+ruffle+bathing+suit&amp;qid=1619537508&amp;sr=8-6&amp;th=1
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