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*TW* I hate this part...

General *TW* for talk of MC:

My RE finally called me yesterday to follow up on my terrible US experience on Monday. They were not able to find a HB on the ultrasound, and he said the yolk sac appeared to be empty even after hearing a HB and seeing our little bub just 13 days prior. He said I was misled at my first US too, that they miscalculated my EDD so I was not, in fact, measuring ahead like I thought so we were lured into a false sense of security because I was already measuring a week or so behind at that point. 

He is going to send me for a repeat US next week on the very slim, teeny tiny, like 1% chance they were wrong, but we know what this means. I have a prescription to start misoprostol if/when the bleeding starts, or else we wait for confirmation next week then we'll talk about what happens next. He's already sent me all the literature on MC and said over and over again how sorry he was and how much this just sucks. 

We're doing ok, all things considered. We had mentally prepared ourselves for the worst case scenario, and here we are. Wishing all you beautiful ladies so much love and luck. Thank you for sharing your journeys up to this point. You've helped make this FTM feel supported and empowered and I know we'll be here again someday... <3 

TTC History:

Me: 36  MH: 39, TTC since Dec 2017

Aug '18: PCOS dx

Nov '18: MH SA - 19mil

Dec '18-Mar '19: Letrozole + TI - all BFN

Apr '19: Letrozole + TI, - BFN.  Repeat SA (27mil) & DNA fragmentation test (17%)

Aug '19: Letrozole + HCG trigger + IUI + prog supp - BFN (MH: 16mil)

Sep '19: 2nd IUI, same protocol - BFN (MH: 16mil) 

Dec '19: IVF #1 w/ICSI, PGT. 5 retrieved, 4 fertilized, 3 blasts, 3 PGT-A normal.

Mar '20: FET #1, perfect 5AA blast transferred. BFN.

Sept '20: FET #2, 5BB tsf. 9/18/20 BFP!! EDD: 5/27/21. MMC 11w                                                  

Feb ‘21: FET #3, last 6BB blast transferred. BFP, EDD 11/2/21. MC 5w3d. 

May '21: IVF #2 w/ICSI, PGT. 8R, 7M, 6F, 6 blasts - 3AB, 3AB, 3BB, 4BB, 5BB, 6BA. Fresh tsf 5/13/21 - BFN. 

June '21: PGT-A results = 3 abnormal, 1 low level mosaic. Referred to new REI, had consult with 2nd RE in between. 

Sept '21: RPL, immune testing normal

Oct '21: IVF #3 w/IMSI, PGT. 33R, 26M, 23F, 9 blasts (7 day 6, 2 day 7). PGT-A = 5 normal, 1 mosaic

Dec '21: Positive for endometritis, RX Flagyl & Keflex

Jan '22: FET #5 - Kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol incl. PRP, intralipids, prednisone, medrol, nivestym, fragmin - CP

Feb '22: FET #6 - Kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol w/higher doses of pred & fragmin - BFN

Mar '22: Mock cycle for ERA - cancelled, repeat endometrial biopsy instead. Still positive for endometritis. RX ciprofloxacin & amoxicillin. 

Apr '22: IVF #4 w/IMSI, PGT. 28R, 23M, 16F, 11 blasts. PGT-A = 6 normal. 

June '22: FET #7 - Microdose lupron downreg w/kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol - double embryo transfer. BFN.

July '22: FET #8 - Mini stim w/Puregon + trigger, kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol. BFN. 

Sep '22: Taking a break

Dec '22: Attempted abdominal myomectomy, fibroid too close to cervix and major blood vessels. Wasn't removed. 

Feb '23: FET #9 - Modified natural w/baby asp, HCG trigger, PIO, PRP, Medrol, HCG wash, embryo glue - BFP!! EDD 11/11/23


Re: *TW* I hate this part...

  • @kiki047 I'm so sorry this is happening to you 😔 I'll still hold on to some hope for you, but please be kind to yourself and take all the time you need and if you feel comfortable, when you get pregnant again, come by and drop us a hello. 
  • @kiki047 so sorry to hear this. Be kind to yourself!
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  • Oh no, I'm so heartbroken for you.  Love and hugs my friend  <3
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  • I am so, so sorry. I hope we see you back here, and that you can have an easeful transition through this time.
  • I'm so sorry to see this.  I'll be praying for you.  Please be kind to yourself and remember nothing you did caused this.  It's ok to indulge and it's ok to grieve.  So many hugs to you <3

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  • I’m very sorry you are going through this! Lots of hugs. 💕
  • @kiki047 oh friend i hate reading this and hate that you're going through this.  hope you and YH are being extra kind to yourselves and each other during these next few days and beyond.  holding onto hope for you, but whether you are here or in TTGP, i will be lurking and rooting for you and wish you the absolute best 3
  • I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Sending you love and strength. 

  • That is so rough, I’m so sorry. I will miss you on here. Make sure to take care so that you can heal physically and mentally. 

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  • I’m so so sorry. Sending so much love to you ❤️
  • Oh I’m so sorry to see this. It’s just not fair. ❤️ I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts. 
  • I am so so sorry to hear this. Sending you all the love right now. 
  • I'm so sorry 😞. Take care of yourself...sending you all the hugs during this difficult time.
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  • ruby0902ruby0902 member
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    Thinking of you @kiki047 ♡♡ there's no way around it, it just sucks. I've been there more than once - you are not alone. Remember you are strong! You will always carry this with you but it will not define you. Take care of yourself ♡♡ Hugs 
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