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  • I love DH and super suuuuuuuuper appreciate how much he does, especially right now when I'm couch bound for the most part but every time I say something about being tired and he says "me too" I am filled with the desire to thump him in the face. 
  • @ec1212 This is the one I bought.  The only drawback was the cover on it made me blazing hot, so I just took the cover off and it was perfect.
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  • @gusgus14 @texas_t ok, maybe garage will be my backup plan then 😂 I need to get rid of this candy
  • Just got my first ever pregnancy pillow in the mail a few days ago. But it smells chemically so I’m letting it air out. I tried it one night but it was too stinky. Feels nice on my back though. I usually just start surrounding myself with pillows when I get in the 3rd tri. 

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  • Finally catching up after being without power pretty much all day! We got hit with TS Zeta this morning. Thankfully only minor property damage but 8 hours without power wasn’t ideal. It honestly wouldn’t have been so bad but it was 80 and super humid today so it just felt gross inside the house. I pretty much live with the ceiling fan on. Plus I couldn’t work so I had to burn a day of vacation time and I don’t have much left for the rest of this year with all I’ve had to take off for nausea!
  • @gusgus14 remind me where you live? The company I work for does a lot of weather dependent stuff, so we have the weather channel on at work all the time and I saw today that it ended up being worse than predicted 😔
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  • Trying to jump in more! The Bump works way better for me if I'm using my computer instead of my phone but I never really use my computer unless for work or on the weekends.
    I had my first appointment with a midwife this week and got to hear the heartbeat!
    I was really nervous about my ultrasound last week because my NT scan did not go well with my last baby- it indicated genetic abnormalities and I had to go through an Amnio and all sorts of appointments. She ended up being completely healthy but it was a stressful time so I was so scared to go through it again. But everything looked good for this one! 
    Has anyone here gone through a false/positive alarm like that and then have your subsequent pregnancy closely followed? They are recommending I meet with an MFM doctor for my next scan based on my history with that pregnancy and I'm just not sure why since it ended up being a false/positive.
  • @texas_t Greenville, SC. We found out this morning that the other side of our street and a bunch of places on the main road outside our subdivision still don't have power! Lots and lots of trees down in the area.
  • @julianne0 I prefer the bump on my computer as well but I only use a computer at work. I'll use the app in the evenings/on weekends but it's not nearly as user friendly.
  • I feel like the window to do a last comfortable self bikini wax is closing quickly. Hoping I find the courage 😅
  • @mimser I'm getting a final brow shaping tomorrow (so I look kempt in bday photos) - that will prob be the last time I do it until a vaccine comes out! Trying to squeeze in a hair trim in the next couple weeks, too. More because I think COVID restrictions are prob coming back. Very grateful I did laser hair removal on other areas last year lol.
  • @mimser I got brazilians through my entire pregnancy last time because I was trying to avoid ingrowns & I will tell you, the later I got in pregnancy the waxing got so painful. It was worse than labor 😂 I’m not doing it this time. If you continue getting them later on, I hope you have a different experience!
  • @ckmb_1250 were you regularly getting the waxes before you were pregnant too? i've definitely noticed a bit more sensitivity thus far, but curious how it will be as it goes on.  im sensitive to begin with!
  • Omg my SIL just told me she had a dream that I was pregnant last night. I’m waiting to tell family till my next Doppler. 
  • @texasgal87 lol my sister had a dream that I was pregnant and it was a girl the day after we found out! And she was right...I was pregnant and it's a girl! Can't wait to hear what your sister says when you tell her!
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    @spartan4life That's one of the main reasons I'm waiting to tell one group of friends. I had a friend tell me at the beginning of the year, that she had a dream that I had a daughter. So if she hears I'm pregnant she will assume it's a girl. So I wouldn't mind waiting until I know the gender. 
    Told my Grandma yesterday and found out my mom had told some close friends so they could prayer for my pregnancy. 
  • @asf0613 yes I was getting them monthly before too. But hey it was a good opportunity to practice some labor breathing exercises 😂 it was definitely later, like 3rd tri, that it became sooo painful!
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