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The Announcements Thread!

Let's gather here to discuss announcement ideas (IRL and online) and timings! 

Have a question or want to run your potential announcement by the group? Post it here! 
Lurking to see how others announced? You're in the right spot! 
Just want to brag about how you did it? We're here for that too!  

PLEASE OMIT ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM YOUR POST including anything you don't want living on the internet for eternity

Re: The Announcements Thread!

  • @gusgus14 this is so perfect!! enjoy all the love you'll get from the announcement!!
    gusgus14yellingbananaruby0902Lady Leigh
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  • @asf0613 @texas_t thank you!

    @texas_t that’s so adorable!
  • @texas_t i love that! so personal!
  • I don't know what we'll do in terms of announcements or even if we'll officially announce at all. Frankly a lot of people know at this point: our parents and siblings, all of my SOs friends, 3 of my close friends, my boss.... With our last loss, which was 2nd trimester, we talked about it with everybody and now it just doesn't feel so required for us at this point to keep it a secret until a safer time, because realistically, a safer time for us really is viability. And that is late to find out, at least for people who are close to us. But at the same time, I'm a bit sad we're not doing any fun announcement! So we'll see, would it be weird to send a card even though they already know?
  • @mimser for your family and those you are close with, i think a card would be a nice keepsake, even if its not a surprise at that point!
  • @texas_t Oh I like this 🤗
  • yellingbananayellingbanana member
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    @brynn_mamaof4 I am actually feeling the exact same way, also #4 here. We’ve recently told immediate family, and our children have permission to tell their friends. But I also only have Instagram, and was planning on posting an 8 or 9 months pregnancy picture before I have the baby! 

    I don’t want a baby shower, I’ve had enough,  and wouldn’t due to covid19. So that works out! I just feel like it’s a lot of hassle, I don’t enjoy the games, and I don’t enjoy being the center of attention either.

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  • @brynn_mamaof4 Lol, I would totally do that if covid lasted until May, but I'll probably see people by December or January. The easy thing with virtual meetings is hiding everything below your face. 

    If I can last until I find out the gender, I might just change my profile pic and insert a pregnant belly or an extra kid of the right gender. And then just wait and see if anyone notices. 
  • @yellingbanana I’m glad I’m not alone! I won’t do a baby shower either since I’ve had three (the last two were just “sprinkles”). And maybe I want to avoid the “you know how babies happen right?!?” Type of comments lol. 

    @littlelibelula I’ll def run into some people, but I have a lot of out of state friends too so I’ll def surprise (most) people when I post a baby in May! Lol
  • @ckmb_1250 so so cute!!! I love it!
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  • @ckmb_1250 so cute!!
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  • @mrosek91 and @brynn_mamaof4 the judgement is real! The people who know have been trying to tiptoe around finding out if this #4 was on purpose. And it was planned, I had to get my mirena removed and everything. Their shocked faces are entertaining, and also the reason why I’ll just wait till the end to announce. 
    My daughter plays soccer with a family who just had their 7th, so I feel like 4 isn’t that much when compared. They didn’t announce their 7th, we saw them at the end of one season, and when we saw them next, they had a new baby! 6 girls and the new one is a boy, I like to think of them as the opposite of the Weasley family 😉

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  • @ckmb_1250 - I notice the Pirates cap! I'm in the 412 area 😁
  • I plan on wearing some sort of “eating for two” shirt to my fiancé’s parents for Thanksgiving to announce it to close family, and maybe a “promoted to grandparent” type gift. This is their first grandchild, so I know they’ll be over the moon. Only 1-2 very close friends know. We haven’t had an ultrasound or Doppler yet so I’m extremely hesitant to tell people yet. I have a good amount of friends who aren’t local on social media, so I plan on doing some sort of post before Christmas if all goes well. Probably just the ultrasound and a stuffed animal with some Christmas lights 🧐
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    That's super cute!
  • ^^^also hopefully that's not huge, I'm on mobile! 

  • @nbcarlson cute!!
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  • @nbcarlson that’s so cute!!
  • @asf0613 aw that's so cute!!

  • Is anyone thinking of gender reveals yet? We’re not the type to do anything big, but since we’re not seeing family for the holidays we wanted to do something over zoom/face time. We have 2 nephews and a niece (4,6,1) & we’re thinking something like playdough that turns pink when you squish it, or mystery markers where they can scribble and see pink & be involved. We’re not totally sold on either idea so was curious if anyone was doing something similar!
  • @ckmb_1250 we did ours already! When we had DS's bday party (mostly over FaceTime because MIL was sick) we wrapped a little sister outfit and had him open it as one of his presents. Everyone was surprised because most of them didn't even know we knew the sex yet!
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  • @spartan4life aww how cute!! 👏🏻
  • @dlynn484 So cute!!
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  • @ckmb_1250 I'm thinking of it.  I'm likely going to be the only one at that appointment because it will be at my MFM office and he isn't allowing anyone but patients at the visits.  I'm thinking about ordering 6 cupcakes and have 3 with blue filling and 3 with pink and just leave the one that doesn't fit in the car.  We want something small with just us and not our parents and all that.  We do want to make it special for our 4 your old though. 

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  • @mkc3888 nice! We did doughnuts with icing just for us as a family. I think we are doing the playdough idea for extended family since I tried it and it worked! 
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