TTC After a Loss

TTC after miscarriage

I have 2 beautiful children at home and I just recently miscarried at about 5 weeks.  In the morning when they took my bloodwork my HCG was at 7 and when they checked it later when I started bleeding it was dropping and already at 6. When world it be safe to start trying to conceive again?

Re: TTC after miscarriage

  • You should talk to your doctor about their recommendations.  I'd say you should track your hcg down to 0, but with it already being at 6, you're probably fine there.  Sometimes doctors recommend you sit out 1-3 cycles, so definitely check with yours regarding your specific situation.  However, you should at LEAST sit out until after your next AF.  If you don't track to 0 and you don't sit out, periods and symptoms can be very wonky for up to a year after a MC, and you may find yourself trying to determine if your cycle is off or if you're PG; and if you don't track your hcg down, you won't know if it's leftover hcg from this MC or hcg levels from a new PG.  ANd you don't want to be in that situation.

    Also, I'd highly recommend reading Taking Charge of your Fertility and temping, as again, cycles can go back to your norm, they can be wonky until they regulate until a new norm, and do all kinds of crazy things after a MC.

    Good luck!

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