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Flame Free Friday Confessions (FFFC)* 9/4


Re: Flame Free Friday Confessions (FFFC)* 9/4

  • @bcashaw If it’s low key effort, how about a balloon pop with confetti? You could also put the confetti in a card. 
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  • @redselig not a bad idea! 
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  • xvividashxvividash member
    edited September 2020
    My confession is I have a chicken thigh aversion, but my mom made me them for dinner today. She's not taking the "I really can't do chicken" seriously. She's trying to be healthy and I don't want to hurt her feelings, because it was so sweet of her to cook. Today was my last chicken thigh straw though and I almost hurled at the table, so I threw my piece deep in the trashcan when she stepped out of the kitchen. :|  
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