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Uneasy after 1st Ultrasound

Hiiiii! We had an ultrasound yesterday at 10w2d. We were able to see the little nugget and the heartbeat was strong. To my untrained eye, things looked alright, though they had to do transvaginal AND transabdominal because they wanted to get good measurements. Then about an hour or so later my OB calls and wants another ultrasound in the next week or two. She said the lower limbs measured shorter than expected and the yolk sac is enlarged. She wanted her office to have a look and see what exactly is going on. We had a loss earlier this year and obviously this wasn’t super welcome news. I realize there’s nothing I can do at this point, but I’m having trouble staying calm and optimistic. Any advice? 

Re: Uneasy after 1st Ultrasound

  • @katethegreat23 I’m sorry, that’s super stressy!! I’d say stay away from Dr. Google as that only makes things worse when you don’t yet have enough information. And remember that this could just be a great extra precaution to get another look to make sure everything is as it should be. If there is something unusual, ask all the questions you have (even if you think it may be a silly one). I hope you get booked in quickly to help out your mind at ease!
  • I'm sorry you have to spend this time feeling concerned! Hoping all looks well at the next appointment 
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