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Confused and unsure

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Earlier in August I miscarried. I was 11 weeks pregnant but baby only measured 9 with no heartbeat. I started spotting on the 2nd and saw the dr on the 7th. She did an ultrasound that confirmed everything had passed and I pretty much stopped bleeding by that point. She advised me that if i took a pregnancy test it may or may not come up positive. I waited and didn't take a test until that next Tuesday the 12th it was negative. I took a couple more of them during that week and last week all negative. Yesterday I decided to take another test. I had 3 Walmart 88 cent tests left. I used first morning urine and got a faint line. Waited a couple of hours and took another one with a faint line. I ended up taking the 3rd one got the same result. Went out and bought a First Response 3 pack, one digital, one early response and one rapid response in the pack. Took the digital and it said no -. Went ahead and first thing this morning took the early response and it has a faint line. I know digital yes or no aren't as sensitive. But could this be a new pregnancy? Would it be possible this soon? I did have negatives before these showed up positive.

Pics of the cheapos and the FRER with faint lines.

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Re: Confused and unsure

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