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Five Things Friday 8.21

Last week we did 5 things we love about SO. This week let’s express some self-love: what are 5 things you really like/love/adore about yourself? 

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Re: Five Things Friday 8.21

  • @keikilove good one! This was so much harder for me than saying what I love about DH, but it’s such a good exercise!

    1) I’m a good (and confident) cook. I know what tastes good and am not afraid to not use a recipe. 
    2) I give frequent compliments. 
    3) I’m good at finding silver linings in hard situations. 
    4) I’m (usually) not afraid to speak my mind. 
    5) I’ve gotten so much better at being honest with myself about how I can improve as a human, and I’m always getting better at admitting when I’m wrong. 
    keikilove[Deleted User]
  • @runningoncookies I knew this wouldn't get much interaction because women always find it hard to praise themselves. I think that's so sad! I'm glad you jumped in! <3 Gonna keep it going this weekend. :smile:

    1) I have an excellent work ethic & do my best with all my work.
    2) I'm a loyal & honest friend. People trust me for advice & turn to me for comfort.
    3) I'm a great communicator, and I've worked hard to develop this skill.
    4) I have a lot of empathy & frequently put others over myself--in a healthy way.
    5) I like the way I look. There are plenty of flaws & imperfections I could obsess over, but I prefer to just be grateful for the body I was born into.  <3
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