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Intermittent Pain "Down There"

I am currently in between doctors so I hate to be "that person" that asks something like this on a board because normally I'd just call my doc! I am 10 weeks and woke up having bad random, dull yet sharp stabbing pains (if that makes sense) that last for like a second each and are pretty intense! They are (not to be TMI) on the outside of my vulva on either the left OR right (it switches around) sometimes the perineal area, or at the top of my vulva (yeah...THERE!) I'm not quite sure if this is "normal" and growing pains or something I should be concerned about? Has anyone experienced this?
I did take a pretty long road trip I got back from yesterday & was in the car all day which is alot for me normally.
It was gone during the afternoon but has returned since sitting down again this evening. 

Thank you in advance.

Re: Intermittent Pain "Down There"

  • Sounds like round ligament pain, also known as lightning crotch. It doesn’t hurt the baby but certainly doesn’t feel good for mom.
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  • Oh! I had no idea I'd feel round ligament pain there haha! I was under the impression it was more abdominal! (1st timer here) Thank you for the info and response!
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