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Femara / Letrozole accidentally while pregnant?!

Hey all!

First post, totally new here, just found out I was pregnant two days ago.

Has anyone accidentally started their next round of Femara then realized you were pregnant?

Long story short, we have been trying for nearly a year before using Femara the last two cycles due to endometriosis and cysts. Last week, I was certain I started my period. It always starts out light and brownish, stops for about a day and picks up full swing. I took and hpt from the premom kit either Sunday or Monday and it was negative so I started my 5 mg Femara Monday. Monday my period slowed down, still had diarrhea with it like usual, still mainly nothing Tuesday but I had a VERY stressful month last month with deaths in the family and leaving my job that I attributed it to that. Took my pills again Tuesday night. Wednesday, still absolutely nothing so I bought first response to try that before taking pills Wednesday night just in case. Held my urging for 5 hours or so.... faint positive. Blood test confirmed Thursday morning.

Now I’m panicking that I took my Femara for two days and was pregnant. HCG was 46 Thursday so baby was certainly attached by Monday.

Please tell me this has happened to others and everything turned out ok. I keep thinking the faint lines are because I hurt the baby taking it, but 46 isn’t bad. I’m mad I didn’t buy a “better” test Before taking the pills, I used what was in the kit and it wasn’t sensitive enough, or bad, or something. But then I think, how faint it was Wednesday evening (and Thursday am) I wouldn’t have seen anything Sunday or Monday then either even with fr because it reads at 15 and 40ish barely showed Wednesday/Thursday. I can’t stop thinking about it. 😔

Re: Femara / Letrozole accidentally while pregnant?!

  • If you stopped when you found out you should be completely fine.  Call your doctor, tell the the situation, and your concern and they will give you much better guidance than internet strangers.  

    I battled stage 4 endometriosis, a living hell, and have a miracle child.  Congrats on your pregnancy!  
  • Thanks!

    I called the nurse line right away and the. It’s said it was ok.... but also didn’t know how they would know if it ends up being ectopic (my fear since the lines were faint and my left tube is blocked... but the left ovary had two follicles).

    I know Strangers can’t give me advice, but I am hoping that maybe it happened to someone else and everything turned out fine. I feel like we finally got here and I did something to mess it up.
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  • kteirekteire Newbie
    Hi there, any updates on this story? In a similar situation at the moment
  • Any updates? I am in the same situation (except I took the full 5 day dose of Letrozole and only found out I was pregnant the next day because I started spotting).
  • Any update for you?
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