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I asked for input before and it was very helpful.  Now we have a couple new names so I'm hoping to get a little more input.  I'm due in 2 weeks!  This is baby #3 and her older brother and sister are Oliver and Harper.  We are looking at Charlotte, Quinn, Willow, Penelope, and Saylor.  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Girl Name for Baby #3

  • I like Willow best of those, although it’s not really my style. Charlotte is more my style but it’s too popular right now.
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  • I have a Penelope and I love the name. It is spunky and flowery all in one. Tons of nicknames as well: Penny, Opie, El, Nell. I like Charlotte and Willow as well. Quinn isn’t really my style but I feel like it pairs well with Harper. Saylor is not a good option imo, sorry.
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  • Charlotte and Penelope are the best of the list. Charlotte is more common right now , but its a classic. Penelope is so cute. A friend of mine has a Penelope and they sometimes call her Pippi. Quinn is getting kind of stale on a girl and Saylor is just bad.
  • Get rid of Saylor immediately.. terrible and doesn't go with the other names. 

    Quin is not as strong as your other two.  

    Penelope really doesn't fit either, IMO.

    Charlotte and Willow are your top two and I would say Chorolette just edges Willow. 
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    Charlotte, Willow, and Penelope are all good names. Willow seems to go best.
  • Penelope would be my choice.
  • Charlotte and Willow are definitely the top two, by far. Please ditch Saylor completely! 
  • Charlotte and Quinn as middle maybe 
  • I love Penelope!! Cute and spunky name.. plus Penny is a cute nickname!
  • I like Willow the best. Saylor is cute but very uncommon. Quinn and Penelope are nice just not my favourite option. Charlotte is too popular in my opion.
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