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Who will meet the baby?

Hi ladies!  Hoping to hear your thoughts on who will be meeting/ touching / holding baby upon arrival?  My husband and I have been discussing it a lot lately, and we just don't know what to do!  We live int he Detroit area, so we were hit pretty hard with Covid - but at the same time I cant imagine not having my mom and dad meet my daughter.  Not looking to start a political discussion, just curios what other moms are thinking, as we are having a tough time coming up with a plan.  Thanks!

Re: Who will meet the baby?

  • eele_eele_ member
    We're allowing my grandma and mom from my side of the family and then my husbands parents from his side. Everyone else is going to have to wait as these people are lower risk and I feel like the most important. I'm not sure when we'll allow the rest of the family to meet her though. 
  • My son is 6 weeks old and we haven't allowed anyone to hold him. We live with my parents but my mom is working and my dad goes to the grocery store and home Depot frequently. My parents dont want to hold him in case they were exposed to covid. We figure that once our baby gets his 2 month old shots he'll be a bit more protected and we will allow my parents and husband's parents to hold him.
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