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Doctor Appointments

Just thought we could have a thread to keep each other updated on how our appointments are going. 

Re: Doctor Appointments

  • Today was my 1st appointment. At only 5+3, it was very early to tell much of anything. We reviewed my history and I had my 1st ultrasound. Of course being so early, we could only see a GS and the early forming of a YS. Another appointment and US scheduled for 9+3, along with the dreaded pap. But I'm content knowing LO is where she( claiming it) is supposed to be and things are progressing as they should. 
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  • kittkatt12kittkatt12 member
    I finally scheduled my first appointment. I found out that the first two appointments will be telehealth at 6 and 8 weeks. But my first ultrasound won’t be until 12 weeks. I have so many feelings about this... understanding... given the current pandemic, nervous and disappointed... because I won’t get to hear the littles heartbeat until 12 weeks. Excited though because we will get to see our sweet baby via ultrasound sometime in early July. 
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  •  MaryNog MaryNog member
    @kittkatt12 a lot will be different for us due to the pandemic, for sure. I’m sorry that you have to wait for so long for your first US. I hope the telehealth appointments go well!
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    @MaryNog Thank you! I’m sure it will be fine and it does make me feel safer that they are taking precautions.  <3
  • My first appointment isn't until 11 weeks. I'm in Canada with a midwife and this is normal. I was given the option of a virtual appointment because of the pandemic and they can fax my reqs right to the lab. Haven't decided yet, but probably the easier option with my two littles.
  • I'm always amazed how different things are at different practices.  Even without the pandemic, my OB's practice doesn't see you until 10 weeks.  I haven't gotten a discussion of when the first u/s is.  With my first, I only had an appointment and u/s at 7 weeks because I had bleeding.
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  • With this one, I’m doing a virtual tour of the birthing center with the midwives where I suppose there will be some Q&A and to see if they are a good fit. If they are, we will schedule a intake meeting which I think (as far as last week) will be face to face. Typically though I’ve never been seen before 8 weeks and usually get a dating scan to see how far along I am because my cycles have always been wonky. 
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  • @feelingjovani I find it interesting too. My OB usually does first appointments at 8 with dating US. But they are doing mine at 6.4 because of the previous MMC and because I am always exact with my O date. Nothing is being postponed here. 

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  • I'm AMA, so they're bringing me in next week when I'm almost 7 weeks for an ultrasound. Then my intake appt with a nurse is at almost 9 weeks and it's telehealth. Not actually seeing the doctor till late June. It is interesting how it's different everywhere! 
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  • n0soup4un0soup4u member
    I’ll be heading in on Wednesday for an ultrasound and first on visit. 
  • My first appointment isn’t until June 9th. I’ll be almost 10 weeks. Anxiously awaiting!
  • Finally got my first appointment scheduled! May 28th I’ll be 8 weeks 3 days and they said they will do a dating ultrasound so I’m excited and also on pins and needles until then! I had an extra test so I took it and knowing myself I’ll probably buy a few more until my appointment. I need to just step away from the tests, but I’m needing more reassurance until more symptoms pop up. 
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  • Jealous of those of you who get to go this month! Even though I know y’all been waiting as long as I’ll be waiting to get to my first appt. I was relieved to hear they are still doing first appts at the 8 week mark which is their norm. June 11 I head in. Hope the next 4 weeks fly by 
  • Same as some others...telephone interview check up at 8 wks and heartbeat at 12. It kills me to wait because I get so nervous. This is my second baby and I’m pretty sure we got to hear the heartbeat at 8 weeks last time. But this pandemic does affect things. I also am jealous! 
  • jekasijekasi member
    I finally made my first appointment for June 2nd, so my office is also waiting until about 8 weeks. They didn't mention if they were doing an ultrasound or not, but they are having me come in so I hope to at least hear a heartbeat that day!
  • n0soup4un0soup4u member
    I had my first prenatal and ultrasound today. Baby looked good. Measures 6+1 with a due date of 1/5. I do have a SCH so they are watching that. 

    I need to continue the progesterone thru 12 weeks and I will have another ultrasound at 13 weeks. 
  • Ya'll have to let me know what happens at a telehealth checkup. They offered that to me and I gave them the side eye through the phone. So I'm not scheduled to go in until 10 weeks.
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @nosoup4u so glad your appointment went well! Sorry about the SCH though. 
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  • @n0soup4u I had mine today as well!
    Everything good and she saw a heartbeat so that was a big relief. I'll go one more time at 10 weeks to check on things and then we move 1,000 miles away (almost exactly) so I'll have to find a new doc.

  • carleym93carleym93 member
    My first appointment is Monday (which is early AF because I’m only ~4 weeks) but *TW* my cervix shortened to practically nothing at 20 weeks last time around. Since I just delivered my son less than a year ago, they’re being extra proactive wth the monitoring of my cervix this time so I’ll be having weekly cervical ultrasounds for the foreseeable future. Covid means I have to attend all of those appointments by myself so that’s definitely hard ☹️
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @carleym93 so sorry you have to go alone but glad to hear they are being proactive in monitoring! 
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  • @carleym93 we’re you in June19 bnb?
  • @kat11223344 I have a similar story. I'm also moving (East coast to West) after my 10wk appt. An anxiety-ridden time for a cross-country move for sure!
  • carleym93carleym93 member
    @cricket1688 Yes I was! I remember your SN! :)
  • lemommalemomma member
    My first appt is June 8th, which is at 8 weeks + 1 for me. It’s at the OB’s office so I’m sure they’ll listen for a heartbeat. My husband is allowed to come as long as he’s healthy, but I don’t think he can since we don’t have anyone to watch our 2 kids, and no kids are allowed in the office (we wouldn’t bring them anyway). We’re completely social distancing still and not seeing any family or friends. It makes me terribly sad that DH would have to miss that moment, but as long as we’re all healthy I’m grateful. Hopefully by our 12 week appt we’ve opened our circle a little but who knows. 
  • @carleym93 hi again 👋🏼👋🏼

    @lemomma  i know it’s such a bummer going alone but hopefully in the future you get it worked out! I know some offices are allowing FaceTimes during the appt!
  • lemommalemomma member
    @cricket1688 that’s a good idea!! I wondered too if I could record the heartbeat on my phone so he could hear it. 
  • kirstyh92kirstyh92 member
    I’m tempted to book a private early scan around 9 weeks as there are a few clinics around here doing them, and are allowing your partner in!
  • aels12aels12 member
    I finally scheduled my first appt, it will be on June 18th so I’ll be 9 weeks. They think 10 based on LMP but I had long cycles since I’m still bf and I tracked ovulation so it’s about a week off. Hoping all looks well, they wouldn’t let me do a 7 week ultrasound like they did with our last :/
  • kaitckkaitck member
    I finally got an appointment with a midwife for June 19. That seems so far away, I'll be 12 weeks by then. Im still if-y about a midwife vs doctor, but i guess the only way to find out is give it a try :)
  • Had my first appointment last week at 8 weeks 1 day. Everything looked good, measuring a couple of days ahead of EDD but the doctor kept the date I estimated based on LMP since I was tracking very closely. 
    Got the results of my baseline urine and blood tests, and thankfully everything is ok. I’m doing the Harmony test this time around because our doctor isn’t doing nuchal ultrasounds anymore as a Covid precaution.
  • Had my first appointment and according to LMP I was 8 weeks 3 days, however at the scan they said they couldn't hear heart beat, they said it may be that my dates are out or the pregnancy is not viable. They have called me for another scan next week. They saw the yolk sack but didn't mention size or anything after they didn't hear heartbest. Should I be worried that I'm having a missed miscarriage?
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  • oaktree6oaktree6 member
    @calibrit86I’m sorry you’re dealing with this uncertainty. I hope you get answers soon.  <3
  • @calibrit86 I'm sorry you're going through that.  I had the same thing happen at 6+5 and went back and they found the heartbeat.  I know how hard it is to wait and hope you get some answers soon.
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  • lk_1980lk_1980 member
    @calibrit86 the same thing happened to me at 7 weeks, went back 2 weeks later and turns out I was only 5 weeks the first time. Even though my last period date showed 7 weeks, my ovulation timing was off. Don't stress, this is very common and at the end of the day there is nothing you can do but stay positive and wait. Thinking of you!

    On a different note, @feelingjovani I love Dorinda! Pretty sure that's what your name means haha
  • Haven't been on in a minute because you know... life.... had our 2nd appointment last week. Had a US and pap done. HB was 178. Doc said that was a little high but she wasnt concerned. She said herself that it could be a girl because girls heartbeats are typically faster. Kind of embarrassed myself while there. But doc didnt seem to mind. Since I work 3rd shift, I stayed awake so I wouldn't miss my appointment. After my ultrasound I had to wait for about an hour for the pap. So I fell asleep on the exam table. FI said I was loudly ugly snoring. Doc said she couldn't believe I hadn't been asleep and understood why i would fall asleep on the exam table.
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    Had my first appointment today and cried when I saw that little blob babies heart beating so well! Measuring right on track! Needed this reminder that so far everything is a ok! 
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  • Thanks for all your kind word and reassurance, unfortunately I had my 2nd scan today and we didn't hear the heartbeat and therefore the Dr has stated it is a missed miscarriage.

    Thanks for this group for the support and hope you all have healthy pregnancies with beautiful babies.
  • @calibrit86 I'm so, so sorry for your loss. 
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  • @calibrit86 I'm so sorry for your loss.
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