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Anyone else showing REALLY early?

I'm only 8 weeks but my belly is definitely showing, to the point where I wonder if my last period may actually have just been spotting and I'm a month further along than I think (won't know for sure until my "12 week" ultrasound). Anyone else experience a bump earlier than expected? 

Re: Anyone else showing REALLY early?

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  • I'm only 5 weeks with my third and am so bloated! Defo look pregnant already, but I know it's the bloat.
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  • Thanks for having my back y'all!

    Spoke to my doctor, she said because it's not my first pregnancy, the ligaments (?) around my uterus already "knew what they had to do" and were just getting into position. I'm normally rake-thin so I noticed the change a bit early, but that it's not true "showing" yet. Soon though, damn! Time is flying!
  • With my first daughter (10 months) I put on maternity at 2.5 months. I was so bloated I measured more than a month ahead the majority of my pregnancy. I gained 35 pounds total. I left the hospital in my regular clothes! Six weeks later lost all the with I had gained nd even continued to lose another 25 pounds. (A total of about 55 pounds. I went from 145 to 180 and then down to 125. Now I'm 127.) I ate healthy. I'm pregnant again and started showing even before I took the preg test! It's all bloating and water retention. I know if I eat well, all bloating and weight gained will come off after baby. It's painful and awkward. But... What can you so? It makes my dream that much more realistic! Good luck!   
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