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1st Trimester

Late ovulation/ conception help

My due date is December 7th.

My periods are very irregular. They change a lot because I’m around different girls all the time. They will be short or long. My last period was Feb 2nd. I didn’t get a period in March but I conceived in March. I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me March 8th. March 13th I had another partner who pulled out. We can’t tell when I ovulated because my periods are horrible and I didn’t get one in March.

Anyone has similar stories? Please don’t judge. I am going through a hard time and just trying to hear other stories.

Re: Late ovulation/ conception help

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  • Get a dating ultrasound as soon as possible. Statistically, it is probably the March 8 guy because the pull out method is a somewhat effective method of BC (4-27 percent failure rate). But it's not 100% so I'd still get a paternity test. 
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