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Late ovulation/ conception help

Sorry I’m new to this app and have no idea where to post this but hoping the mommies can help me!

My due date is December 7th.

My periods are very irregular. They change a lot because I’m around different girls all the time. They will be short or long. My last period was Feb 2nd. I didn’t get a period in March but I conceived in March. I had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in me March 8th. March 13th I had another partner who pulled out. We can’t tell when I ovulated because my periods are horrible and I didn’t get one in March.

Anyone has similar stories? Please don’t judge. I am going through a hard time and just trying to hear other stories.

Re: Late ovulation/ conception help

  • wabash15wabash15 member
    OP this is not the right board for this post. Join the 1st tri board or you BMB. This is a board for women who are struggling for years to get pregnant.
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    My periods are irregular because I’m around different girls all the time. 

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  • louisezalouiseza member
    Wrong board. However, if you use any of the due date calculators, it will tell you that conception was around March 16 based on your due date. So I’m thinking you might learn the hard way that pulling out doesn’t work. But with two partners so close together - you probably won’t know without a DNA test. 

    Also, your periods are not regulated by other women. Educate yourself. You sound super young and not ready to be a parent. Worst of all, you posted your question in a forum where so many women struggle to understand why they can’t get pregnant. Maybe go on Maury once the baby is here? 
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  • It’s people like you I’ll pray for. How pathetic a group of for woman trying to come together and you’re just tearing me down.. way to really show about how woman should stick together :) 
  • Girl this is the INFERTILITY board. You want to talk about having a hard time? Why don't you think about all the women you've insulted here talking about your unplanned pregnancy while many of us have had fertility treatments cancelled and postponed because of the coronavirus.

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    Girl, it's wrong board, this is the infertility board, I think 1st triboard is your best place for your case
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