Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Keratosis Polaris with infants

Hello this is my first post to the bump! Looking for some help with recommendations on what is best to use on Keratosis Pilaris for an infant. We just got the diagoses on my DS today🙁

Re: Keratosis Polaris with infants

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    -we got told to exfoliate, but i bought a glove to do it and she hates it she thinks it hurts. We've tried dermacreme moisturiser but i dont think theres a hell of a lot we can do as apparently her aunties on her dads side all have it as adults and its genetic. They've tried so much over the years. But said to try keep it moisturised and exfoliated. I might go back to trying a flannel instead of an exfoliant glove. its heartbreaking, i know its only a mild condition but still. 
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