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What to expect after a miscarriage

I had a MMC about a couple of months ago and was given some pills to induce it. It was the most painful and horrible experience but to my knowledge it went as expected. A lot of bleeding and clots that lasted about 2 weeks. They sent me a blood test a few days after and my hCG levels had gone down drastically (as expected), they sent me another blood test to get done that I did 2 weeks ago but my hCG levels were still not below 5. They called me and told me to get another blood test in two weeks. I had that blood test done today but found they were testing for 3 things: hCG levels, full blood work and a pre-natal blood blood. I tried calling my doctor to ask about it but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Should I be worried that they found something abnormal on the first test or is this just regular procedure? I’m trying not to freak out but it’s hard.

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  • I wouldn't freak out.  It can take months for the hcg level to go below 5.  I am sorry for your loss, it is very difficult and painful and having to wait and worry makes it even worse.  They may just have ordered a few additional tests to ensure that everything is still going as it should be.  I know sometimes if not all the tissue is passed people have had to take an additional set of medication or have a D&C, but I would try not to worry at this point. It is always better to check and ensure things are going as expected.

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  • Thank you, this makes me feel a lot better. I still haven’t heard back from the doctor but this makes the wait less scary. 
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  • I’m also wondering if it’s normal that early in the month I got what I thought was my period but it was very light compared to my regular period and it lasted about a week. Then I had nothing for a week but started bleeding again, it was more like spotting could only notice it when I wiped. Anyone had this same of similar experience?
  • Your cycles will probably be wonky for a while, and when they go back to 'normal' it could be a completely new normal. You could have entirely different symptoms than you ever had before.  Since you still have HCG in your system, you may have no had a true period, but rather just some breakthrough bleeding or something earlier this month.  Your body will probably just need time to figure itself out and regulate to having cycles again.

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  • OP - How far along were you when you had your MMC? That will kind of determine how long it'll take for your HCG levels to go down.

    For example, I had a MMC at 10 weeks in early October last year. I took misoprostol to induce the miscarriage, and had a similar experience to yours (pain, clots, etc), but after the initial two weeks, I continued to bleed due to retained tissue. It took about 8 weeks for my HCG levels to drop below 5, and I still wound up having to go for a D&C in late-December to remove a polyp & some of the retained tissue, and to flush my uterus and fallopian tubes with saline. I'm lucky I didn't get an infection. I didn't get my true cycle back until the month after the D&C.

    Since you decided to take the misoprostol (versus D&C route) it might be a good idea to see if your doctor can schedule you for an ultrasound to ensure that you passed everything or if you need another round of misoprostol or a D&C. 
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