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Am i the first here?? Hi! I got my BFP yesterday. My due date calculated from my first day of my last period is 31st december but i ovulate a few days late so i think my due date is more like 2nd January, so im not really sure, im looking forward to a few weeks when i can find out!
This will be baby number 1 but my 2nd pregancy, so im very anxious but even more excited and hopeful. Looking forward to being active here 😊

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  • @BumpAdmin can we get this stickied as our introduction thread?

  • @itsfine We went through secondary infertility too. 26 months.
    Our treatment cycle was cancelled in April... I'm in a bit of disbelief to see those lines!

  • *lurking from N20*
    Congrats @mamasloth! Happy to see another TTGP grad!
    Dec2014 BMB / DD born 1.1.2015 
    TTC Baby#2 Nov2019
    BFP 3.14.20 / Baby#2 due 11.23.2020

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  • *lurking from N20*
    @stillcozy congrats!!! Love seeing more TTGP grads! Sending t&p for a healthy happy 9 months! 
    Dec2014 BMB / DD born 1.1.2015 
    TTC Baby#2 Nov2019
    BFP 3.14.20 / Baby#2 due 11.23.2020

  • @krystrist2014 thank you ❤️❤️
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  • @stillcozy yayyyay! Congrats! 

  • @sarahb2007 so sorry to hear you have Endo that is tough but so happy you are here!  
    @knottieb47c751061160790 welcome. I am so sorry about your loss. If you look on the main thread you will see one entitle Knottie and it will help you change your username. The knottie ones are hard to distinguish between and it would be great to get to know you more :) 
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  • Congratulations, everyone ❤ Wishing you all healthy pregnancies, and I understand being cautiously optimistic. We just found out this week that we are expecting, and are estimating january 8th based off of LMP. It's our first, and I've got to say- I'm gonna have to learn all of the baby lingo quick. Haha.
  • Welcome @knottiecfc45746822a7ab1 I recommend you change your username so we can recognize you more easily see the pinned post about Knottie usernames. Congrats on your first!!  You will pick up the lingo in no time. Also don’t hesitate or ask questions if something doesn’t make sense or you don’t understand an acronym.  

    @jekasi welcome! So excited for you! PCOS is not an easy journey so I am happy to hear of your relatively easy success this time! OPK’s are awesome! 
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  • @whitealbum29 yay congrats!! Hope we see a lot more TTGPers join us! 
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  • @whitealbum29 ahhhhhhhhhh! Yay!!!!!! Congrats! 

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