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  • @emeraldduchess Welcome back! It seems like the mobile version is giving a lot of us trouble this week. Do you dare use your work computer in Incognito mode? That’s what I finally had to do when my phone was locked out of the mobile site for a week recently. 
  • Question: Are any of you planning anything for Easter? 

    TW: LC mentioned 
    My sister usually hosts it in her huge yard. It has leveled terraces & great spots for hiding eggs for all the nieces & nephews. 
    But we are all taking this stay-at-home thing seriously so her hubby hasn’t let them come around others at all. MH is similarly cautious. I’m daydreaming of how to actually celebrate when we can’t all be together. Maybe like picnic blankets far away from each other in some huge open field.... Or maybe it’s just a stupid idea & potentially dangerous to even entertain the thought.
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  • @keikilove we wont be doing anything for Easter. Normally we all do every year but because of covid we cant this year which makes me so sad :( we normally all get together with DH's parents and family and all there families etc. and we go out to a big fancy easter brunch at one of the big hotels. I guess there is always Easter next year sigh* 😔 I dont think sitting in a big open field with blankets away from each other is that bad of an idea. It's not stupid. I say go for it if u can as long as there is not a crazy amount of people. 
  • @keikilove we are not. However, if everyone in our families had been quarantining for at least 2 weeks and taking it really, really seriously, I would consider doing something like you mentioned. But MH is still working so I don’t want to risk us spreading anything to our families. 
  • @keikilove nope just staying home and doing things here. I’m going to attempt to make a nice Easter dinner
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @stillcozy. I was just thinking about what we could have for dinner, but don't really have many good food options.  I could try to put a grocery order in before then, but we will see.  Maybe just dye some eggs and then make deviled eggs.  I bought a bunch of Easter candy off Amazon, but Amazon tattled to DH. 
  • @mindyb2019 & @bows22 Thanks for not judging me harshly!😊 I hope you both have sweet (albeit quiet) Easters. We may end up following your lead. 
    Everyone in my extended family has been taking it very seriously: 4 different family members returned from the mainland just before the planes stopped flying. They’re all on self-quarantine for another 4 days. The rest of us have been in our homes, or on individual isolated walks out in nature, and when we go to the store for necessities we wear masks & gloves. I *think* we’ve been safe, but I suspect the very cautious husbands will still put a stop to any group gathering. Even if we had to shout “Happy Easter!” to each other from across a field.😆 We shall see! 
  • @stillcozy thanks! DH and I are both fine. Our allergies are kicking up, which is a bit nerve-wracking, but we're healthy! *TW death mentioned* I've also been helping with arrangements and getting things in order for my family member who passed. It's going to be a long process cleaning out her house and getting it ready to sell. She was in her 80s so we have a long, full life of things to go through. We want to make sure that things with sentimental value are distributed among family members.

    @keikilove I probably could do incognito mode, but I just don't want to risk anyone in the school community knowing my business. My boss and a few other teachers know I'm going through testing for IF/RPL but I don't want to risk more than that getting out into the gossip pool. 
    As for Easter, it's just going to be DH and I. I do plan on filling a little gift bag with candy and dropping it off at my mom's house for her. I'll make something simple for DH and I. It depends on what I can find at the grocery store. Maybe we'll have a Zoom session with DH's family so we can all see each other. 
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