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Braxton Hicks - anyone else?

I’m 25 weeks + 1 day and went to labor and delivery yesterday after having BH contractions every 10-15 minutes (plus when I stand up or pee). The doctor checked my cervix (OUCH) and said it was closed and to come back if the contractions got closer to 5 minutes apart.

I was temporarily relieved but now I’m home, drinking lots of water and still having these bouts of these contractions that will come every 10 minutes. They aren’t super painful, just crampy and scary. 

Anyone else experience this? Or successfully stop the symptoms through rest etc? 

Re: Braxton Hicks - anyone else?

  • I've had fairly frequent braxton hicks, but not as regular as what you're describing. I've delivered prematurely though, and I know how scary that can be. I was always told to drink a lot of water, use the restroom frequently- don't wait a long time- and take a nice warm bath. 
  • @polkeliz How are you doing now? Have the BH calmed down?
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  • I don’t know what baby this is for you, but BH are typically more common with each baby.   This is my 3rd and at night I feel them when resting in bed.   I feel them but they aren’t painful.  I drink some water and pee and they get better. 

  • Skk1977Skk1977 member
    Yes, I feel them all day. This is baby #3. If they are really bad, I rest and drink water.
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  • polkelizpolkeliz member
    Still experiencing them off and on during the day... especially when I have to pee or when I get up from sitting down. Other moms I've talked to have told me that real contractions are so painful that you would know the difference... so that was somewhat comforting!
  • Lurking from August and this helped me feel better. I told DH tonight that I've felt Braxton Hicks contractions more than I've felt the baby move this pregnancy! This is my third and they're every evening, anytime I go for a walk, pee, stand up, etc. 
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