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Mental Heath Check In 3/26

❤️ I’m doing great
💜 I’m okay
💛 I’m meh
🧡 I’m very worried/anxious
💚 I’m exhausted 
💙 Things are tough, I’m struggling
💔I’m having a hard time and wouldn’t mind if someone reached out to me
🖤I’m in a really dark place

Fill us in with the details. How can we support you? 

Re: Mental Heath Check In 3/26

  • 💙 two planes out of Chad have fallen through in two days... I’m exhausted from having hope and then being left stranded abroad.

    I know I have four months still to fly internationally “there is time” and “babies are born in Africa all the time” but this is tough to face as a FTM. 
  • 💜💚 I'm okay but I am exhausted. Working from home this week and next week with DH as our health system tries to keep some physicians out of the line of fire so they can rotate us in as people get sick. Apparently, that is happening quickly and we are already down a number of ICU and ER docs. My boss was asked to make a list of us that would be available/capable of stepping into whatever role is decided is appropriate. I'm nervous to be asked to do something outside of my realm of practice, but I will do what I have to do. I'm also worried about childcare if we are both called in as our daycare is closed for another week and a half officially and may not reopen for a while. But as of now, I'm okay. I'm able to be home with my kid, but she is exhausting and I am worn out.
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  • @courtneyjoy247 I’m sorry. That’s a huge obstacle to deal with and has to be emotionally draining and exhausting. Keeping so many fingers crossed that a plane comes through soon.

    @carrotsandpeas3 with you on the exhausted for sure. Teaching from home with two kids of my own while growing a third one has my energy level in the negative numbers. That’s got to be stressful to think about being on the front lines soon while you are pregnant. Positive thoughts for your health. 

    I’m 💚 and 💛. I’m not sure if my exhaustion is fueling my depression or I’m depressed from everything and it’s amplifying my exhaustion. Either way it’s creeping in slowly and I feel a little dark cloud making its appearance through parts of the day. Not feeling physically well doesn’t really help either. 

  • 💜 I’m okay

    They're largely doing business as usual at my work, although they're trying to figure out some sort of modified work schedule for me (part on site part remote).  There is literally no way to do a 100% telework schedule because the set up of the prison won't allow me to see them via telepsych (a dedicated staff person would still have to take the equipment around to the inmate clinics).  So we'll see what happens.  No cases in our prison yet, but there are cases in some of the others in the state.
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  • 💜 feeling extra emotional today, but it's all just hormones.
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    💛 I’m meh. My life really hasn’t changed as a SAHM to a toddler but it sucks having to be home all the time. MH is working from home most days which is nice but there’s so many more dishes to do. 
    I’m starting to get anxious about this pregnancy as my cerclage is only a month or so away. I’m worried I won’t have MH there as support and worried about any pain. And worried that it won’t work. 
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  • @profmcgonagall sooo many dishes! MH and I both work FT so now with both of us being home all day it's nuts! I hope everything goes well with your cerclage and hopefully you won't have to go in alone. 
  • 💚💙

    It is really hard on me to work from home and take care of a toddler. I don't have the patience to be a SAHM even if we could afford it, so add working on top of that and a toddler who has napped ONCE this entire week... One more week of full time work and then I'll be working 20 hours and collect unemployment for the remainder and I'm so ready for that.
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  • 💜💛I'm ok and meh. 
    We both have jobs and things are looking ok for both of us. But I'm starting to go stir crazy about not really going anywhere. My H wants to start being the one to go get groceries which is currently my only "exciting" trip! We are lucky to still have help with my toddler because he is growing to be such a little ball of energy! 

    I feel guilty about not cherishing this pregnancy enough. With everything going on and me hitting my second trimester I feel like I'm almost forgetting to be pregnant since most symptoms have subsided :( 

    I also have trouble doing anything but sitting around (when I'm not working). I need to try to be more active! Been doing a lot of cooking and that's been fun, I can also relate on the so.many.dishes!

    Sending big hugs to everyone struggling and praying that a plane gets to you soon @courtneyjoy247!
  • @carrotsandpeas3 I am sending big time encouragement  and  support your way. My husband is a nephrologist and it’s the same at the hospital he works at. It’s all so much to take in, but I’m proud of him (and you!) for how hard you are all working. I can’t imagine, especially being pregnant on top of that. It has to be utterly exhausting and also incredibly nerve wracking. I’ll be thinking about you during all this craziness!

    @courtneyjoy247 what a challenging situation to be in. I’m so sorry. I honestly can’t imagine how stressful that must be. I hope you are able to travel safely home soon. 

    As for me I am 💜. I’m okay. I’ve been social distancing (I’m trying to be super proactive and err on the side of extreme caution) since the 12th, I believe?? It’s kind of all run together at this point. I’m a very social person, and one of my best friends lives across the street, but I’m not even seeing her (she has a 5 month old). Like I said - trying to use an abundance of caution and TRULY distance myself from others unless completely necessary. So it’s been QUITE some time since I’ve seen anyone other than my husband. I’ve been keeping my sanity because we live on acreage and I’ve been working on our garden plot for the summer, but I found myself getting really frustrated today because of how often I HAVE to take breaks or I’ll get a headache, lightheaded, etc. It just frustrated me that I can’t do the manual work the same way I used to. I know it’s petty and such a small thing compared to everything going on, but I think it’s just everything else that’s going on coming out in the form of frustration over silly things. Hopefully this all passes as quickly as it can and we all come out the other side healthy, and with hearts ready to help one another heal. 

    Hope you all stay safe and well <3
  • 💛💚  can I add insanely stressed 24/7? I’m in healthcare operations and also the Infection Control Officer for our entire company (23 clinics) which is normally a few hours a few weeks except flu season. But right now it’s TWO full time jobs with running operations at my 4 sites and doing allll of the Infection Control. I’m working 60+ hours per week right now and I’m salary so it SUCKS. I’m beyond overwhelmed. I’m working from home since daycare is closed til May 4 and while I usually do 1-2days per week from home anyways, this is VERY different. My 5 year old is getting little attention from me during the day, making me suffer incredible mom guilt and my boss has not been happy with me for turning down other projects to help my counter parts but I cannot take on one more thing. My SO is out of work now for at least two weeks but has been zero help around the house which is just making me resent him right now. I know I should feel lucky to have an Income so many others are out of work but this work load is absolutely killing me. With all of this going on, I barely think about this pregnancy which makes me feel bad and like I’m not bonding with this baby the way I did with my first. I know these emotions are just due to the stress right now though. 

    On a positive note, I have an ultrasound tomorrow and I’m excited to see the peanut and praying everything is good considering my stress level. Ugh this pandemic needs to end soon! 
  • 💜 I’m okay. 

    My clinic closed down so I’m home full time with my son. I only worked 2x/week before so not much has changed except we will definitely miss my income! I could sign up for the resource pool at the hospital and screen patients as they come into various clinics or the ER, but the hours are crazy and I’m worried about the risk of being in contact with so many people. Luckily our house payment is low and we use a wood stove for heating so our bills aren’t too bad on 1 income. My husband is an arborist so he’s still working outside the house, but his hours have decreased some since they can only do jobs like removals of dead trees for safety concerns and things like that. Having him go to work is a bit scary, but luckily he works outside with only a couple people and they don’t work right next to each other or share equipment.  

    I’m still waiting on my NIPT results so that’s making me anxious, but we had a good ultrasound last week so that’s a positive! 

    Honestly, not much has changed in my day to day life. I never took my son out to many places because he just enjoys playing with his toys or exploring outside in our yard. I miss taking him to the park, but I don’t think he cares. I don’t miss having to grocery shop (my husband is doing that now) and cooking has actually been easier because I have to use what we have instead of always trying to find exciting recipes to try. 
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