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Check in and HDBD 3/25

Participate in any and all
1. how far along and team
2. baby is the size of 
3. any AW vents or questions
4. GTKY what is your favorite animal?
5. HDBD Pic is you want 
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Re: Check in and HDBD 3/25

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  • Re: A/S, well they called me this morning. And turns out, they had supposedly emailed me what I asked for, and so they were following up as if I had gotten it and was still asking for the specific forms they didn't want to provide (which I still think is eyerolly but whatever). Anyway, I hadn't seen that email, and while on the phone, they realized I didn't get the email because the email had been forward to someone else to respond to and that person had responded without changing the "to" email, meaning the response had gone to the person who had forwarded it, not me. 

    So I have the info I need, and they actually called my insurance somewhere in all that and, yes, I do in fact need that piece of information that they had claimed I don't need in the email chain. *eyeroll again*. 

    Anyway, I'm glad it's resolved. I'm still a bit peeved, but whatever. 
  • I haven't been around much at all, but I'm trying to participate more. So hi!

    1. 18+3 Team Green
    2. grapefruit/puffin/ice cream cone
    3. I have to spend like five minutes catching my breath every time I go up the stairs. 
    4. My favorite animal is a seal. 

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