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Is anyone having Multiples?

Hello, I haven’t seen a discussion on multiples! Is anyone else have multiples? We are having twins and couldn’t be more excited! We found out at week 8 we are pregnant with twins! 

Re: Is anyone having Multiples?

  • @obxbride13 we found out last week at our first appointment (10 weeks) that we are having twins! We are also SO excited! Glad to have someone else here having twins. 
  • Looks like we are the only 2 so far. How far along are you? Do you have other children? We have 2 DD 3.5 and 1.5 years old, they are both super excited! 
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    Hello! Glad you started this board! Congrats on your twinsies! We’re also having twins, 10 + 2 at the moment (we went the IVF route). 
  • We are 12 weeks along and these are our first babies!
  • Yay, we have another! Congratulations, I’m glad we can share in this!
    I’m also 12 weeks! this pregnancy is so much different than my other 2. 
  • yes yes we are having twins also! So excited!!
  • How’s everyone feeling? 
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