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Fit Friday 03/20

Check in here if you want to discuss working out, eating healthy, or any other healthy habit you're working on!

1. What healthy habit(s) are you working on right now?

2. How did you do this past week?

3. What are you planning on doing this coming week to set yourself up for success?

Re: Fit Friday 03/20

  • 1. Trying to maintain my exercise routine despite the gym being closed due to corona 😩
    2. Terribly! I didn’t work out AT ALL ugh!
    3. I’m going to find some prenatal workouts on YouTube and do them after I put the kids to bed each night. I’m hoping it will help out with my energy levels. I have never been good about being consistent working out at home, that’s why I like going to the gym. Once you’re at the gym, you might as well work out! At home it’s so easy to put it off. 
  • @kitkatz1990 don't be too hard on yourself. I worked out most days pre pregnancy and into week 5, but for the last few weeks I can hardly work up the enegy to take a shower 😂😢. I've found doing simple bodyweight exercises while watching TV helps me get at least something in. 
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  • @kitkatz1990 I do MommaStrong, which posts daily 15 minute workouts specifically geared for pregnant women (also programs for immediately post partum, and forever thereafter). The focus is on form and core strength in order to prevent/heal from common physical problems caused by pregnancy/childbirth/general momming (mis- alignment, incontinence, prolapse, DR, pain, etc.) They also offer targeting "Fix Me's" for specific problems and 5 minute hacks for the days when even 15 minutes feels like too much (this is my favorite part of the program). It does cost $5 a month, but you get great value. I highly recommend it! I've worked out everyday since I found out I was KU, which is a miracle for me.
    Oh, and they also have a great, supportive FB group, programs for having an accountability squad or buddy, and do monthly challenges to help keep you showing up. If you have a hard time exercising at home, maybe that would help?
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  • 1. What healthy habit(s) are you working on right now? I just found out a week ago, and so my biggest habits I'm focused on right now are drinking more water than I ever thought possible and taking my multi and DHA everyday. 

    2. How did you do this past week? I'm at about 50% right now... I've never been one to take a daily dose of anything and I just keep forgetting to drink water... 

    3. What are you planning on doing this coming week to set yourself up for success? Setting alarms on my phone (using a tracking app) keeping filtered water in the fridge and leaving my vitamin bottles out in the open so I see them constantly.
    EDD: Nov 16, 2020

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  • mimsermimser member
    1. What healthy habit(s) are you working on right now? Maintaining my frequent workouts, eating the best pregnancy food.

    2. How did you do this past week?
    I did good considering I couldn't go to any of my classes or the gym. I did 3 strenght workouts, 1 online barre class, 1 yoga session. And we take hour long walks with the dog. We have also been eating in and cooking so we definitely ate better.

    3. What are you planning on doing this coming week to set yourself up for success? Keep having a regular workout schedule even with the facilities being closed and walking more as I am not leaving my house aside from that.
  • 1. Working on 21 day fix program (finished round one right as I found out I was pregnant). Drinking more water! 

    2. Worked out 5 days this week. Water intake was ok. 

    3. Getting my work outs done first thing in the morning and keeping a water bottle near by at all times. 
  • ejj58ejj58 member
    Happy to see a post like this! This might be an especially hard time to keep some of these healthy habits

    1. What healthy habit(s) are you working on right now? Adjusting my workouts to that which I can do at home - I seem to have decent energy in the morning /early afternoon so as long as I don't procrastinate too badly I think it'll go well. Tougher thing for me will be eating healthy when I'm home indefinitely now

    2. How did you do this past week?
    I've had a great weekday routine of walking the dog and doing a bit of either yoga or Pilates every morning, and I stuck with all my normal workouts despite not going to the gym 👍

    3. What are you planning on doing this coming week to set yourself up for success? Taking my dog out lots, maintaining my exercise routine (this will be my first week not working due to COVID-19 situation), drinking more water, controlling my snacking, and keeping an eye on some anxiety symptoms I've been having (because, as is apparent, I have too much going through my mind!)
  • Well my goal before pregnancy was to close the activity rings on my watch. I struggle with the exercise ring. This has continued now. It’s still my goal. I’ve been crushing the stand and activity rings. So hopefully this next week I will close them. 

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    1. Trying to eat as well as possible. Hard!! Also I’m on and off about water. I’m typically a water drinker anyway, but sometimes I get distracted and just forget to drink. 

    2. I did pretty well this week! I think I worked out every day, but to be fair I only average like 20 minutes. 

    3. This coming week I’m hoping the weather is better and we can get out more!! It’s been cold and wet here. Otherwise I have an exercise calendar (blogilates— highly recommend) and I’m going to try not to do too much baking (hard when you’re stuck at home) or eat too many carbs (they make me feel bloated). 
  • 1. I really have been feeling the all-day nausea which has led me to eat in desperation, meaning whatever is around, and usually that's donuts, cookies, chips, etc. So I have been feeling not so good. This week I decided to be more proactive about eating intentionally and focusing on good nutrition and little meals. Also, I've been exercising at home with Beachbody on Demand which is very helpful for being stuck in the apartment! 

    2. This week was a huge improvement! A little effort goes a long way! 

    3. I'd like to try to run outside this week. Getting cagey being inside at home all day! 
  • @sarahspang10 how do you like Beachbody on demand? I’m a lover (secretly hater) of the original DVD insanity. Been tossing around the idea of getting on demand - especially now that my gym is closed. 
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  • I like it. I've been a customer for about 3 years and have always enjoyed the flexibility it gives me to have high-quality workouts at home. Since getting pregnant I'm realizing the workouts I'm used to are probably too intense; I'm just not feeling up to burpees and mountain climbers at the moment! But, there are some prenatal workouts on there, as well as programs that are a little easier on the joints/stomach/etc. I have been doing Morning Meltdown 100, half-hour workouts that can be modified for my energy level. Overall, I'm finding it is a good solution for pregnancy, especially since the gym is closed right now! Hope this helps. 
  • @lovelee3 and @sarahspang10 BOD is literally my favorite thing in the world! I have had it for about (4) years, but kicked it into high gear April of 2018 when I needed to lose the baby weight from DD1.  I like the ease of waking up between 430-5am and just walking downstairs to get my workout in.  I am currently doing the new 10 Rounds program with Joel Freeman and it has been great.  Definitely look into it as an option for working out at home now!

  • Girl, "the ease of waking up at 4:50-5 a.m." You must be a badass! Way to go! 
    You must be a coach or something, I don't have access to that program until October.
  • @sarahspang10 hahahaha I know right!? It wasn't easy at first, but it became second nature after awhile lol.  And yes, I am a coach, hence the early access lol.  It's kind of perfect timing when it releases to everyone though because I think it will be a great postpartum workout since it is intermediate in my opinion and can be modified! You will have to give it a try :smile:

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